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Thursday, June 22, 2006

My Birthday....THE END!

Goddesses Celebrate!

I am truly a blessed woman! With incredible friends!
Laura with the golden tresses, has baked me a total of 4 cakes this birthday, isn't she amazing?

This my 7th and final fiftieth birthday celebration.

We sat mesmerized as Laura relayed stories about her travels to Slovakia, where she just returned from vacationing for 2 weeks.Her trip was fantastic and she looks incredible. She was surprised to see that no one had curly hair there. People were intrigued by her hair and wanted to touch it. She says they eat way more meat than we do and walk way more. Cars are banned from the city core in certain areas.

Connie up in the left corner is retired and an extreme hiker who loves to travel and hike, all over the world. She has recently acquired a penchant for biking too. Her and her hubby jump in their large RV and trek all over the states and Canada!

Janice right below Connie is into sailing, her partner races sail boats and she loves to join him.

Barb next to me in the group picture, is in a boot camp, for extreme exercise, she's up early every morning, before work, to feel the burn! She's in an evening belly dancing class as well.

Our vacant goddess is taking the picture and refused to have a photo done tonight.I did sneak a picture of her, but out of respect will not post it.Its certainly not that she is forgotten, because she always holds a special place in my heart. Fantastic food friends, and fun!

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