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Friday, August 11, 2006

My Front Door

Some of these flowers were planted in May, by the Flower Elf, the purple verbena, New Guinea inpatients and fuchsias were planted by me. Their beauty brings me so much joy. Yesterday a lady walking her two greyhounds commented on how much pleasure she gets seeing my flower pots everyday. I thanked her and told her that's why I planted them.
Some children erected a rainbow colored, hand painted sign, outside their door, it says “Happy House”. It makes Pepper smile every time she walks by. She’s planning on adhering a post it note to the sign, letting the kids know how much joy it brings her everytime she sees it.

Our world is changing,
peace is dissipating
Fear is eroding
celebrated freedom
Today I will rejoice
in the beauty surrounding
Live in the moment,
not forgetting the less fortunate
Scared, alone, suffering
in foreign lands
People just like me,
going about their business
Raising children, seeing friends,
enjoying spirituality
Devastated by the invasion,
of ugliness and torment
Unable to dispel fear,
starving, sick and desperate
Sitting amongst fallen hope,
unhappiness, clinging to faith
Counting hours,
days and minutes wondering
If their future will ever see safety,
beauty, and hope again
Today I will pray
amongst the flowers


paris parfait said...

Beautiful and powerful poem! Well done, you! And the photos of flowers and stories behind them are lovely and inspiring. Thanks for this great post.

giggles said...

I’m honored, thanks for the compliments!

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