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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Am I an OLD BAT?

Lately I have been in a menopausal funk! My sleep is discombobulated. I ask myself if I’m depressed, but I’m not. My body THINKS it’s on the night shift of life. It’s official, I am a MOLE or a BAT, living life in the dark of night, I am awake only in darkness. Hmmm.... I wonder if this is where the title OLD BAT comes from. My whole sleeping regime has changed. Even when I try to sleep through the night, my body jolts awake. I am wide awake many nights, and dead tired in the day. I have creative insomnia. I lay there, and poetry comes flooding in, I hop up to get it quickly down. Then pop back into bed only to see videos, of creative art, and other things running around in my brain. No little voices talking to me yet. Finally the morning light peeks through the blinds and off to dreamland I go….I REFUSE to take any sleeping pills. When I sleep it’s a good sleep, it’s just not on a good schedule. I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing. Does anyone else have this problem? HELP, I need answers from women, who’ve been here done this!


madd said...

Hey Giggles..dontcha just hate that awful broken sleep..menopause can really mess with what we consider our regular selves...I know you don't want to take sleeping pills..so go the herbal way with calming teas before bed, there are other herbs you can take to help get all the harmones humming a bit more on the "normal side" it will be a bit of a trial and error to see which ones work for you. Go to a good natural food/herb store, and check out what they have to offer..could't hurt. I have a chronic condition that among the many things it hits me with is problem sleep, broken sleep all that wonderful stuff. I used to take perscribed medication and sleeping pills..not all that happy with them, tried other ways, kept what worked and discovered Tylanol PM..works for me, helps me get a longer sleep cycle going..worth a try. It really is a trial and error, you will find what works for you and then just when you do..you wont need it any more..lol..oh the joys of being a woman...take care...m

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

been there, done that, wrote the screenplay and wear the tee shirt. LOL!
I won't take sleeping pills or anything like that either. I am up til the wee hours, then sleep and then awake not many hours later. The next day I am dragging my feet and it laps over on to my creativity. What's the answer? I wish I knew. So when you find out, let me know!

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