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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Sugar Cookies

This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving! So the kids and I made sugar cookies for two separate dinners we are attending. Now I will admit, I had no intention of even attempting to make them. Then last week in jest, Pepper said “we should make cookies,” Bryan piped up” yeah we should make turkey cookies.” All I could think was, oh great, I’m not doing it. I have made cookies almost my whole entire life. I don't want to make those take forever, make a big mess cookies again!!! I started baking with my mom at three, and by eight I could make anything from a recipe. Mom made the best pies in town, apparently at thirteen I was par to that. I despise making pies now, but on occasion make them out of love. Because it’s less heartfelt than previously, the crust can often be hit and miss. There are just so many other things I’d rather do now. I never mind making up a simple batch of cookies.I do festive Christmas baking too.

I digress, anyway, at the beginning of the week I whip up the cookies, refrigerate them as the recipe directed. Expecting the kids to form, bake and decorate them one evening. Okay, I am a wimp; I shouldn’t even have started them. Quite a few days went by, and things came up, and no one could get to them. So finally this morning the task was started. Not without, at least one “mom how do I bake them,” and a mom, “how do I make the icing.” Somehow I get pulled back into the cookie making scenario. Bryan is rolling them out, but feels like crap, with a sore throat, and this boy never gets sick, ever. I feel sorry for him; he has to work tonight as a Dee-jay until 2 am, it’s his sixth day of work and he was busy all week. So I down a few more sips of my first coffee, hop up and start rolling the second batch, while Pepper makes the orange icing. Finally Bryan sits down to cut orange construction paper leaves. His idea! Later I made a bunch too!

Pepper and I start icing the cookies, all of a sudden Pepper states, “why do we make these cookies anyway, I don’t even like them,” then Bryan concurs” me either, yeah, why do we always, make these cookies.” Meanwhile, I am thinking, my god I have this enormous mess in my kitchen, they have to shower and go to work, I’ll be left with this huge mess. We all started laughing….We agreed next time we’ll make peanut butter ones instead, like we do for the reindeers.

Anyway the little kids always enjoy them; of course I don’t mind one or two with tea. Besides we made them for Laura, the queen of celebrations, it’s her recipe and they were suppose to be maple leaves, but I couldn’t find my leaf cookie cutter, of course it will turn up this week. She didn’t have time to make them like she normally does. I cut out a few plain leaves, free form. I made more icing, then Bryan made all the faces. I layered the plates, with paper leaves. Together we did it as a labor of love for others, and in the end we really enjoyed the intimate time together. Those are the perfect connecting moment. Bryan’s family of ten siblings, along with the grandchildren will love them and his mom is always appreciative. Whose idea was that anyways??? PEPPER…….!!!! Off to make a broccoli casserole for Laura’s dinner tomorrow!

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Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

now see that - you baked with love and fed your souls! They look awesome and I bet they're tasty!
love those candle holders btw.

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