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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Poetry Thursday " Unattended"


Knocking nonchalantly at my back door
I’m oblivious to her presence
Politely she raps again
I fail to recognize the sound
Persistently she tries again
Commotion superceded
Determined, she calls out
Whispers drift unattended
Frustrated, she calls again
Echo fused with white noise
Abrasively she hollers
Head cocked, I speculate
Hesitant, I discount it
Brazenly she opens the door
I heed,
My Intuition


Crunchy Weta said...

Hope it was only the cat!
But seriously, I can relate. I have taken to only answering the phone when I please. This was a difficult habit to break , but now, ahh the freedom. errmm and obviously the cell phone remains uncharged.

ren.kat said...

Ooo- I want to know what happens next!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!
I love autumn too much I think and I am in love with the colors that autumn brings!
Thank you for your poem!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!
I love autumn too much I think and I am in love with the colors that autumn brings!
Thank you for your poem!

madd said...

Giggles, what absolutely gorgeous pictures!!That is the only thing I miss living in Florida, no leaves turning...I moved here from NH way up, about an hour from the border, so I am used to brillent fall color shows, just like these. I liked your poem, "the line whispers drift unattended" very nice, made me flash on words left unspoken..thanks nicely done..I think my poem should have come with a warning rating today, MA audinces only..lol take care..m

brian said...

Hi giggles,

Fall has come a knocking at the back door. :)

giggles said...

Hi Brian, yes Fall has come brashly to the back door and very hard to ignore! Now intuition, that’s another thing, she can be an obscure suitor!

Abhay and Madd....I love the autumn too and the vibrant colors it brings.

Crunchy.....I wish it was just the cat.....then I'd know what to do!! lol....somethings just can't be ignored....although we are determined to do so!

ren-cat ....not sure I want to know what's going to happen next!

Janet said...

Gorgeous fall photos. And I enjoyed the poem, too.

judie said...

Wow! What kind of trees are those? So beautiful. The only red in my yard is a croton. And an occasional cardinal.

Anonymous said...

Artful personification - and I actually didn't even see it coming. Then it did and I thought, "Of course! Intuition! Brilliant!"

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

Love the photos and if I haven't told you before your poetry as well. This was wonderful! I also want to thank you for your never ending words of friendship, I read them and paste them to my heart for safe keeping!

giggles said...

Janet thanks for stopping by I know it's your daughters birthday!

Twilight,thank you for that, I almost rewrote it in fear that it may be misunderstood!

Lisa you're a trooper, your visit was a lovely surprise! I know how busy life is for you right now!

Thanks to all of you!

michelle said...

Beautiful autumn photos.

Wish I heard Intuition knocking at my door more often.

giggles said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle....
Yes don't we all have our doubts on that front!

Peace and giggles!

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