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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Poetry Thursday " The Body Knows"

The Body Knows
The body knows danger, what to fear,
What to listen to, what to hear
The body knows when to walk, when to run
When to forge on, when it’s done

The body knows ire of discrimination
When to disengage, when to seek allegation
The body knows what’s mean, what’s unfair
It knows when to surrender, when to repair

The body knows the sustenance of passion
How to embrace it, how to ration
The body knows distress and dismay
Rejecting consequences, strives to scuttle it away

The body knows what to grieve, how to let go
How to seek comfort, what memories to stow
Heart, mind, ego too, hinder innate needs
Discombobulating functions, body concedes


madd said...

If only we payed closer attention to our bodies and really listened, we would be so much the wiser. Very nice, thanks..M

sunshine scribe said...

Such moving, poignant words. Thanks for sharing.

paris parfait said...

Excellent poem! Well done, you! And I like the illustration too.

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