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Friday, October 06, 2006

Nasty Nuisance Alleviated

Okay, so here’s the latest update in the tale of woe. Thursday morning Pepper got a phone call from the owner, now privy to the episode of wrath. Apologized for the endured abuse from Nasty Nellie; reassured Pepper, Nasty would never work for them again. Admittedly there is something erroneous about the volatile female, the owner was also uncertain of why she couldn’t get across the border. As a retired police officer, the man has what it takes upstairs to see injustice. Peppers faith has been restored, with guarantees they hold her in high regard, as one of their best employees, and hope to retain her service for a long time. She could expect to hear from them personally if there was ever a problem, not second hand. She was advised to call security immediately, if ever confronted again. Pepper can exhale. Having lived with a partner housing a hair trigger temper, for close to twenty five years, I’m aware of their ability to wreak havoc when peeved. Therefore I do have my motherly concerns about possible repercussions, from Nasty. For now we say a prayer of thanks….. Hoping this woman gets some much needed help.


Gemma said...

Yeah...so glad ms nasty's outta there.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Stopping in to welcome you to Poetry Thursday! Looking forward to reading more.

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