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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tribute to My retired Mug!

This is my retired mug. The mug I could not bear to part with, the mug I used every morning noon and night for over a year. It now has four chips running around the rim. I put it under my sink in hopes one day it will be incorporated in a piece of art. Check out the other side of this heart mug in an old posting.

I now use one of the three cousin mugs. I love the cousins, but they're just not the same. I tried to find the pictures on Mary Naylors website to no avail, then realized I have them in an old post! For anyone interested in her art she has tour dates coming up, the first is this weekend in Seattle.

I just drew my heart mug with pencil then painted it with sparkling H2o’s and acrylics. I scanned it and played around with a couple of edits, so the original is in the fuchsia, purple colors, the edits are reversed and in orange. Very fun art challenge from Pam!

Isn’t it amazing how one small task (drawing your own mug) (wow that can be taken two ways), can segue into finding a great new website. Check out this funky site called Details Art, I am so excited about all the inspiration I found there.

Wow next I will do a whole posting on my fetish for drinking glasses....NOT!


Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I like the three different colour treatments you gave this charming mug!!

madd said...

Hey Giggles..loved this post..I am having a bad day..so will try an write later..hugs..m

paris parfait said...

These mugs are all terrific! I would imagine a cheery way to drink one's morning coffee or tea.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mug you have there. I collect mugs and finally had to get rid of some. Could not bear to part with some. So I made a totem with them and some saucers for my yard.

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