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Monday, January 29, 2007

More arty than organized!

Here is my makeup drawer after last weeks cleaning rampage. I got rid of a huge bag of makeup, I don’t buy it, Pepper keeps shuffling her cast offs to me. I keep thinking I could use that huge bag pf makeup and nail polish for an art project….could I? Pfffff I doubt it….who knows? Lies all lies I tell myself. I need to get real!

Bear with me; I was forced to change my blog to the new version. I’m so glad I did, but I am still flailing around trying to find what suits me best. I only wish they had better fonts.

Its official, I received an dork's newsletter in my email, from a KingDork website in Victoria B.C. they had all my names on it, Sherrie, giggles, Happytiler, spelt perfectly, so I suspect someone has figured out I’m a dork. I find I’ve become more of a recluse than a dork lately. Although I do admit to being cooler in my youth, and more of a dork now. Probably recluse and dork go hand in hand, down the road of cyber heaven.

I just find myself wanting to sort my house and life out. Sometimes you need time alone to figure it all out. Artistic endeavors seem to take time alone too. Right now, happiness for me, is being alone. I chat with the kids on a daily basis, work on some writing, and have many projects I’d like to tackle. Including more purging, I just find car problems and annoyances as such, a huge pain in the ass.

My mother’s words still echo in my ear, “when you’re in your twenties and thirties you really want nice things, as you get older you want less, so you start to disperse of items.” When I look around my house, I wonder, WHERE THE F#%@ DID ALL THE STUFF COME FROM!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the ambience of beautiful things, but they are exhausting to maintain. I really want more simplicity than I have. I’m in the “getting rid of STUFF phase” while my almost twenty-one year old is bringing in more junk, okay stuff. At Christmas she saw dishes she wanted, so they are stored, guess where? My spare room! That girl has difficulty parting with anything, and she plans to live with me forever, so maybe one day she will break out the dishes. Today out of blue, she read me her list of goals, on her list is to disperse of two garbage bags of things. Phew……( Sherrie wipes brow) now we don’t have to have that talk! We’re on the same page, thank goodness!

So here I sit, procrastinating, computer loft in total disarray, awaiting my return of sorting out random papers. I despise any paper sorting, usually dedicate a few days here and there to sort bills into perfect little piles, shredder in hand. That's a separate job from this, I need one of those people to stand over me with a big stick and give me permission to throw things away I’ve had since the seventies. No I don’t plan on using them. As soon as I purge something old, the kids get a hankering for it. I’m no better because, I keep fooling myself into thinking I might need it for a project…. What’s a woman to do? I like things clean and tidy!


tinker said...

I know what you mean - I need to pare down, purge and organize in the worst way. I've been trying to do it in little bits and pieces, but meanwhile Christmas and birthdays have brought more stuff in than what I've taken out!
Hope you're having a great week - filled with giggles!

Lisa said...

I have become ruthless about throwing things out. The bills get torn up and thrown out as soon as they're paid. Junk mail doesn't always even make it into the house. I was saving it for collages for a while but junk mail was taking over my craft area. Tim collects enough stuff for the both of us and seems to think it all needs to be within eyesight. I am learning to live with it and not grumble TOO much. Life you said..What's a woman to do?

paris parfait said...

Like you, I'm trying hard to part with things. My new rule is that for anything that comes into the house, something has to leave. Getting rid of papers seems to be the most difficult - and makeup that's barely been used! My daughter will often take the latter off my hands, but since she lives so far away, I'm more inclined to toss things out. It's really difficult when living in a small space to get the "stuff" manageable. Good luck with it all! And by the way, don't know if I mentioned it when commenting on your last post, but that's a lovely photograph of you!

Kai said...

My grandmother said it's easier to carry a bank book with you thru life, then possessions..
She was a wise woman..
Love n hugs..
Peace, Kai.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Geek or not, I think you're fabulous!! I have been "paring down" for the past several years ... trying hard to really ascertain what is truly important and valued ... and if it doesn't fall into that category - be GONE with it!!

(Now only if I could teach my husband that same trick - oy!)

Love to you, JP

Shaz said...

Hi just seen me with my friends on JP's blog. I have just met you this is such a great medium I love it thanks for visiting.
Stuff..... Pffttt I am so bad like really bad, trying to change.
You have inspired a garage sale, maybe ,I will try. Bugger, next week, maybe. lol

giggles said...

New rule for the past few years, only if I love it is it permitted to reside in my home! Of course there are gifts I keep for sentimental reasons....okay....okay..... I'm weak when it comes to sentiment! I try though....Note to self....room for improvement!

Giggles Sherrie

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