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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clearing the Cave?

I’ve been trying to wish a dear friend Happy New year for a few weeks now. She has four kids, is run off her feet with her full time job. I am very lax at phone calls so it’s been difficult to contact her. I hate leaving messages when it’s just a casual call. Today we finally spoke; it felt like old home week. Everything changes, yet nothing changes. We are both fifty now, in mental pause together. No one fore warned us of the all the ramifications of the flow, peppered with haranguing horrible moans!

My brother has taken to asking friends in midst of marital difficulties, if they could handle their wives crabbiness hopped up a few notches, warning them of impending menopause. Apparently men do talk about our menopause. Of course he has no worries there, in his mid forties with a wife just over thirty. Rumor has it men he works with complain about their partially bitchy wives becoming menopausal monsters. Go figure. In the best part of my marriage I used to ask myself could I retire with this guy, the answer was always an emphatic NO. I stayed with him for years after that too. Silly me, what was I thinking! Now I hear my brother gage a woman’s worth on whether you could handle her personality through menopause.

I digress…my friend is fed up with everything. My very docile friend would never dare dismiss the most ignorant sots as they bored her with nonsense. Instead she sat quietly, smile on her face, tolerating every nuance of bullshit. Today, in the throws of menopause, she’s afraid of her frantic tirades. The submissive nature of the woman has aborted her body, I ask myself, is this natures way, to clear the cave? When a beautiful woman with a loving soul turns verbally toxic?

Every complaint she has is absolutely justified. Is it that she has been sitting on injustice for too many years? Finally the feelings have surfaced? Is it time for us to reclaim our souls? What could be nature’s possible use of this idiotic time, of odd sleeping patterns, out of control flow, intolerance, and verbal diatribes?


AscenderRisesAbove said...

sigh. so sad of this issue being such a big deal; as if it signals the end of the effectiveness of a females life. there is an interesting point of view in the book "the greatest experiment every performed on women" discussing hrt and what it's purpose is; why it was created in the first place - and who initially created it. very eye opening.

giggles said...

Can't wait to check out the book...thank-you Ascender!

Hugs Sherrie

paris parfait said...

You make some good points - food for thought!

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