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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peppers Birthday

This post is dedicated to my daughter Pepper who is twenty-one today! It has been quite a feat getting it together. I had to sneak into her room, grab all her perfectly organized pictures to make these collages, it took hours. I was so afraid of messing up her picture schematic, it took me twice as long to scan and replace the pictures in their perfect order! Pepper reads my blog daily, this blog was started as somewhat of a legacy for my daughter and her children to come.

Darling you know I love you, have a wonderful day, full of laughter, joy and beauty!

Woman of Dimension

She’s five foot three and a bit,
Woman of dimension
A spit fire dynamo
Female who demands attention

A shell protects a tender heart
Emotions she dares never show
Friendly, she speaks with many
Yet she’s hard to get to know

People tell her their secrets,
Her Loyalty goes beyond
Sensitivity ignites passion
When she finally makes a bond

Good choices are her forte
Songs refer to her eyes of blue
She’s an intuitive witty, woman
With many dreams to pursue

She walks and talks with confidence
Her outfits take command
Professing to be an oxymoron,
Right, for business with a moral left stand

Things about her you’ll never see,
Diverse in fashion and thought
Powerful woman of dimension
Always doing what she ought!

Letter to my daughter

You remind me of her
All the best things I remember
You move fast like she did
Except in the morning
When you want me to
prepare your breakfast

and lunch
You thought I didn’t notice
But since I stopped doing
Your hair
Some how you need to know
just how much I love you
And I guess that’s just my way
Hot tea on the run,
Toast in a bag for the bus
Did I ever tell you?
I love it when you call me
To tell me you’ve arrived safely
You’ve always
Made my life easy
People wonder
How I got such a good kid
I wonder that sometimes too
I’m so blessed
You are, amazing
Have I told you that lately?
Probably not
I’m embarrassed
At how good you are to me
I keep it on the down low
You’ve always done me proud
I admire the driven woman that you are
How you always set goals
then meet them
I revere our differences
You were born to lead
The teacher told me that when you were six
Then again when you were fifteen
Secretly I knew
When you protected our show towels at three
And kept the kids from
Running through the French doors
into the living room at five
I’ve always enjoyed being your mom
Some people complain about their kids
But not me
Oh we can annoy each other at times
Once a month maybe
Other than that
We’re the best of friends
I enjoy your company
I really like to give you your space
But you always bring me into the fold
What a joy it is
Being your mother
Yes you are a lot like my mom
Feisty powerful little woman
Just like her
I have a new appreciation
For her spirit
As I watch it unfold
In you!

Nintendo Queen

Hard to believe you were a shy child
who only shared your thoughts with me
You’ve come a long way from Lego
Old school Nintendo and trolls
Graduating into life
Carrying mementos of the past
Sporting a Nintendo belt buckle
And Mario Ring tone on your phone
Brings me joy to see how much
You cherished those many hours
We spent playing Dr. Mario
Diverting monthly cramps
Mean girls and Daddy troubles
I used to be the queen of the game
With pride I hand over my crown
To the true champion,
The new Queen of Dr. Mario,
of life

and of my heart!

All my love



paris parfait said...

What a MAGNIFICENT tribute to your daughter! Hope her special day is everything she'd wished for and the year ahead is filled with joy and adventure! xo

Pam Aries said...

What a truly wonderful post for your gorgeous daughter! You are a great Mom! Sorry I haven't been by ...bussssyyyy...

AscenderRisesAbove said...

fun photo montage

Kate said...

What a wonderful gift you've given your daughter. What a lucky girl she is to have you for a mom.

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