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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Poetry Thursday "Subjugated"

Mya Mayza

Math is my Arch enemy; although necessary, I have a true aversion to it. Amazingly I enjoy card games such as bridge and crib! Yes and money, we mustn’t forget Money, I love those numbers. Note my “true aversion” is not completely accurate, and that’s how I see truth. For the record I despised this Poetry Thursday prompt, only because it exposes my inept math skills.


Formulate to equate?
Numerals which I truly hate
Transfixed uncouth Sleuth
To postulate the truth
Politician’s conviction
Possibly my affliction
A discord affirmation
Not congruent interpretation
Truth mired in contempt
Proof won’t be my attempt
My truth, your truth, do they correlate?
Left or right can they conjugate?
Subjugated by my nemesis
And its antithesis


DewyKnickers said...


I love your poem, math is life in all ways. :)

Although, your poem reminds of politicians and elections.


Remiman said...

I too was put off by this week's prompt. But, as usual, when i explored the internet's voluminous resources, I found, that recognize it or not, math and poetry are intrinsicly entwined.
I treat math like a beautiful woman. I'm intimidated by them both. So I ignore their beauty and interact with them with no expectation. I use math alot in my every day life, i just try not to think of it as MATH. ;-)

paris parfait said...

Very clever poem! Well done, you!

Terri /Tinker said...

Hee hee! My nemesis, too.
Bravo! Well done, Sherrie! xo

Kai said...

Aloha sherrie, I was doing my taxes this evening and I look just like the little girl in your pickie..laff.. :)
PEace, Kai.

gautami tripathy said...

Laughing away to glory. Though I simply love maths and teach it too.

Do chk my post...Straight Curves.

GeL(Emerald Eyes) said...

I'm here via a comment you left on Tinker's blog, but I also am new to Poetry Thurs. Your poem rhymes with **wonderful** words! I'm not surprised you like to play online scrabble. I enjoy that, too and online Upwords and Wordox, although recently I've had no time to play either while preparing for art shows.

Great graphic with your fun poem, too!

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