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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Monday I had two friends for lunch; it was a pleasant time of interesting conversation and delicious food. However it was one of those days where I wasn’t quite myself. In the morning after my bath while hurrying to dress, I quickly put on my jean vest, forgetting to put my dress on first. I was standing there chuckling at the confusion. You probably had to be there to appreciate the humor of the moment. Me standing in my underwear, sporting only a vest.

Soon after my friends arrived, I entered the garage to grab some bottled water and creamer, instead stood there perplexed for several seconds, as I tried to remember what the heck I was doing in there. Finally I popped my head back into the house, querying the girls “Why am I in here?” Finally the intense giggling jarred my memory.

Very strange how those menopausal moments occur out of no where! I did manage to put on a nice lunch and have a few laughs at myself too! The labyrinth of conversation did eventually visit how the brain needs to purge some of the excess useless information stored over the years, to make room for the new minutiae.


Kai said...

Oh girl, you make me giggle.. lol. Im so glad Im not the only one having **moments** in life..
I love the illustration.. :)

Peace n hugs, Kai

Lucy said...

Boy oh boy can I relate to this. I have a girlfriend that compares my brain to a christmas tree with too many ornaments- she always says Take some ornaments off and give them to your kids. VERY good advice, don't ya think? Instead of being bogged down with all i have to do- i give them some chores to help me ( and my brain) out.

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Ah sweetie, too funny! I'm on the heals of that experience, so I better be prepared with sticky notes & other tools to remind myself what the heck I'm doing!
xx, JP

LisaOceandreamer said...

I have to say this actually made me feel better knowing I am not the only one having these moments. I had an incident the other day that actually made me really embarrassed! Thank you for sharing this, it made me chuckle too.

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