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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Culinary Liberation"

Bryan baked and decorated these cupcakes last week in celebration of Saint Patricks day! He's takes the pressure off me to keep up my old persona!
Helping in the kitchen from a very young age! I baked pies as early as thirteen, can't remember the last time I made one. A few years ago maybe!
My dream kitchen in the Nineties, I had so much company then. Kids over every weekend! There was always soup on, and baking in the house!
Bryan placed this little presentation out to surprise Pepper when she got home from work. She squealed, he's such a romantic guy!

When I had my huge dream kitchen, with top of the line appliances, a fireplace, corian counter tops, French doors that opened up to a beautiful back yard, I said a word of thanks every single morning that I entered that kitchen! Unfortunately the dream life didn’t accompany that space! After nine years I moved to a more conservative kitchen, and a life of peace!

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt is "In the Kitchen". A few years ago this prompt would have me fired up! Not as of late! I’ve always been known for my culinary skills, toting along fresh baked goods to places I visited. Not so much now! I was a culinary goddess of sorts. So I’m told! Now we eat lots of chicken and Greek salad. I rarely deviate from the same five items, wraps, a pasta, roast, chicken, pizza. Sometimes I’ll make fajitas, quesadilla’s, or salad wraps. I’ll switch up the pasta, from red to white sauce and occasionally make curry with rice. Salads and veggies are all apart of the equation! For the most part I have lost interest, so I just stick with the old stand bys, and pray the kids will go out so I can raid the fridge!

I buy baked cookies on occasion, which would have been a blasphemy from my past thinking! When did I change cooking habits? Well, when I saw many younger women, skip into a party all refreshed from a day at the spa, tennis, or boating, contributing a store bought dip. While I the Bohunk mama slaved in a hot kitchen making some special dish that took a better part of the day to prepare and clean up, later dragging myself there late and worn out. Yes I received the accolades, but why I ask did I find it necessary to outdo myself? The answer would be a feeling of inadequacy. In valuing myself more, I’m granted more freedom to make choices that accommodate my needs now. Something I was socialized not to do! I feel assured that I can cook well; therefore I have released a need to prove myself to others. Now when I invite guest for dinner it’s because I truly have the urge to cook and enjoy a nice meal with people I love! On occasion Pepper and Bryan will prepare a dinner, but the majority of the daily monotony falls on my back! Sometimes I can escape, by going out with my friends!

Culinary Liberation

I used to be a merry kitchen Bitch
Whipped up anything, without a glitch
A gourmet meal, a dinner for eight
Precisely timed, nothing was late
The kitchen was clean, pretty table was set
I’d chatter with company, it was never a fret
Times of soup in the crock every week
Baking galore is now quite bleak
Culinary abundance is finally gone
Enthusiasm for cooking is more of a yawn
Once in a while I manage a spurt
Bustle around, somewhat alert
Then in an instant it becomes mundane
When Supper hour approaches, I feel disdain
I rather go out, let someone else do the work
It’s a redundant chore I’d rather shirk
I’ve done my duty for my family and friend
Surely I’ve earned a liberty transcend
Into my writing, computer, and art
It’s these passions now that capture my heart
A potato or salad, sandwich or tea
Things without mold from the fridge that I see
I eat random times, when the urge strikes
And damn it, finally I eat more to my likes
Smoked oysters and cheese placed on a bun
Sole, and seafood, from which the kids run
Finally it’s my turn to make my own choice
For years I made food my family would voice
Although I’ll admit at times I’ll succumb
After all I live with the guilt of a MUM!


LisaOceandreamer said...

It sounds as though you were the essence of the domestic goddess.I always thought I'd be that person but I've realized I am missing that gene from seeing my mother do it ALL and was always so tired. She didn't really start to play until she took up golf much later. I'm a much better guest than a host if cooking is involved I'm afraid.
I think even though you may not have that dream kitchen and perhaps entertain less these days.....I just know your home is a most inviting place to be just for being in your good company.

Remiman said...

I think it's good to move on to new avatars, that's how we grow.
I do a fair share of the cooking and as you say, it's become quite routine. The poem is a good example of your quick and clever wit. ;-)

Tammy said...

I think you and I will become good friends. This poem was flipping brilliant and delightful! Music ROCKS!


leonie said...

how great to move on to other things & nurture your creative spirit. awesome poem too - clever indeed.

Lucy said...

That is the funniest poem i've ever read! Love it! glad you are doing your own thing.

Kimberley McGill said...

Good for you. I sometimes still get an urge to really cook, but mostly not. Like you, I have other interests that have captured my passion!

paris parfait said...

What great cupcakes - and a wonderful poem, said she, who doesn't like to cook - at least not in a structured way. xo

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