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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mother and Daughter reunion

I just couldn’t let my friend pick her daughter and son-in-law up at the airport all alone last night. I heeded my intuition and tagged along. Glad I did, it was desolate at the YVR, the plane was delayed, due to some problem at JFK. You’re welcome to read about the threat here!

Her kids landed at just after three, by the time they cleared security and we drove home it was probably five A.M. before we hit the pillow. I was already a little nervous venturing out on a Friday night during the impaired driving hours of early Saturday morning. When we hit a road block of firemen and police, I glanced over as we were flagged to a stop, a completely demolished motor bike surrounded by rescue workers lay abandoned. I have no doubt someone died last night. Sadly some mothers child. As we drove by, I turned away; the one previous glance was all I could take before my eyes started to well! On the return home that part of the highway was closed. I assume they were waiting to take measurements and particulars of the accident at sunlight. We managed to enjoy the dawn on our detour home.

Brenda was so excited to hug her daughter after a ten month absence. Jaclyn and Adam are living in Jersey and moving to South Carolina two days after they return to New York! There’s Jaclyn sporting her new tattoo of Canadian maple leaves, a proud brand that although she married an American proves she’s still a Canadian at heart!

I felt bad that I didn’t spend as much quality time with Brenda as I'd have liked. Between my waterbed, the wedding, and a few prior obligations I wasn’t as attentive as usual. Although we did share some nice chats, she is on her way home now and will return in two weeks to send the kids back to New York. I will be thrilled to see her again and much more prepared the next time!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh that's tooo wonderful! It was good of you to go along. :) Family's being together like that is always a wonderful thing to share!
It's great that her parents are being supportive of her new tattoo! :) I love it!
Thanks for sharing!

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

I'm glad you listened to your intuition and went with her. I hope that you have more quality time together next visit. Cheers, love and peace, Deb

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