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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Orb looking for a dance!

Note the orb following Pepper
Click to enlarge pictures.

Life is finally slowing down enough to make some routine posts. I do have errands today so I started my day pretty early, desperate to catch up on emails. Last night I sat in on Pepper and Bryans last dance class stealing a few picture to her chagrin. I was only there because they needed a ride.

It was fun watching some very awkward couples try to find some semblance of grace. Unfortunately there was always one partner not quite up to snuff. I did enjoy watching rubber tire shoe guy. Well that’s what his shoes looked like with his beige flood pants. He was your typical rich nerd, with a really cute partner. Eventually he got the steps down, but he was so rigid, his dancing was completely clinical, where as Bryan was feeling the music.

Years ago I took dancing lessons with my ex, at the beginning I was chastised for leading, by the end of the lessons the instructor blatantly commented, “No wonder you lead!” I guess that’s what you get for insisting on taking dance lessons with a person who claps on the off beat.
I was fortunate to have been raised in a a home where I stood on my dads feets as he glided along the floor.Then in time he taught me to both waltz and jive. Lucky me!

We had fish and chips at the beach before the class, always a nice treat in the summer. Then back to the beach after class for a gelato. They had my favorite…. Pineapple!

I’ve included this fun very short Scott Stratton video on the value of a mother. Enjoy this clip; it’s rare that we are acknowledged for our great work!

To my friends whom I owe emails and blog visits, bear with me, I’m getting to it! Love you all, I’ll be visiting blogs soon I hope! Have a creative day!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I wish that I could dance. LOLOLOLOL As for your being busy and not having time for blogging. Don't worry about it girly. It's not good for you to push yourself. Anyhoo, wonderful post! I love my friends and you don't OWE me a blog visit or anything girl. If ya do visit I would be pleased as punch but you don't have to. :) Wonderful post!

Kai said...

and my universe stopped with..fish and chips at the beach!!
Lovely pickies of Pepper.. :)
Peace, Kai xx

vicci said...

Me too Sweets...I always want to LEAD.....and that's a no-no.....:-)

paris parfait said...

It looks like such fun - and fish and chips at the beach, then pineapple gelato? Yummy! xo

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