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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Poetry Thursday and Illustration Friday Camouflage

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Don’t we all camouflage?
In one way or another,
With makeup or a hairdo
Hiding flaws from each other
Some hide a lifestyle
Ashamed to show true self
Dressing up like Santa
Where the wife may play the elf
Some men dye their hair and beard
Wear clothes all the rage
Able to fool the crowd
About their actual age
Some wear expensive attire
Drive cars beyond their means
Presenting a wealthy façade
When they’re actually lacking greens
Some have pain they never show
So they smile and make a joke
If they were forced to share
The tears would make them choke
Some have addictions
To camouflage the hole
Inhabitations they can’t reveal
Locked up in their soul
Don’t we all camouflage?
Things we’d like to say
Things we may be thinking
Things in the fray?


Kai said...

thats inspiring, i love the poem Sherrie..

Peace, Kai xx

Lucy said...

HI My giggley buddy! I miss you and talking to you. I haven't checked you out in a bit and see I have missed many great posts. Your Camouflage poem hits it on the head. Very true, Very touching
I will try to catch up on all your posts soon. hope you're well. xoxo

gautami tripathy said...

I liked the title. It speaks out.

md said...

i like ur poem alot and ur pic looks like a lot of colored amibea swimming around to form this pic. Take that in a good way please( its just what ur shapes remind me of )

Janet said...

The poem is great....and so true and I LOVE the drawing!! You captured this theme perfectly!!

paris parfait said...

What a wonderful poem - you're so clever, Sherrie. Well done. xo

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

What a cool piece! Great work.

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