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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Secrets"

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“I have a secret" is the prompt for Sunday Scribblings People tend to share secrets instantaneously with me. I have no idea why. Sometimes it’s a real burden holding them. Other times I have refused to hear them. I’ve held secrets to keep kids safe at school and home. Some secrets have jeopardized relations; with friends and family. There are those who are star struck and have an insatiable need to know secrets. I am not one of those people! I am interested in others, but I simply do not need to know someone’s business. I’ve had to carry secrets to protect children. A few secrets landed in my lap and were imperative to my safety. Lately I have been sitting on one about a young woman who is walking down a destructive path. I care about her because the same person that negatively affected my life has affected hers too! All I can do is pray she'll be safe!

Secret codes for email
Bank cards and alarms
Secrets about money
About sex, and fire arms
Secrets about war, abuse
Sometimes jealous thought
Secret loves hidden away
As well as things we’ve bought
Secrets about habits,
Weight, Health and pain
Secret addictions
And things we should refrain
Some secrets held in confidence
Some we must resist
Some we’re forced to keep,
When the adamant persist
Secrets shadow daytime
Creep around at night
Those secrets that keep us safe
Should stay locked up tight!


Remiman said...

Secrets are the contents of Pandora's box!

Tammy said...

Wonderful poetry! Camouflage and secrets seem closely related. Toxic to our souls. XXOO

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!This work and the camouflage work are both wonderful.
People probably feel comfortable telling you their secrets because you are just a person that people feel they can trust. That is an honor but I know that it may sometimes be hard. I'm am there for ya if ya need a friend. :) *HUGS*

Kai said...

secrets are like snowflakes that melt into your memory ..
I have no clue what is secret in my life..lol..
I need another life so I can keep it a secret..
Peace Kai xxx

paris parfait said...

I love your take on the prompt - great poem. I told Typepad about the issue - does the comment function work yet? Hope you are well. Must catch up with your posts now. xo

Lucy said...

thank god people have people like you ( a bit Streisandish) but you are a protector and a friend and your heart holds everyones best interests. Loved your poem Sher, Especially loved- "Secrets shadow daytime creep around at night"
sometimes others secrets keep me up( blogging) to the weeeee hours! xoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

I have to say people tend to tell me their secrets as well. I feel as though I have been entrusted with a key to a locked room no one else may enter. It can be a burden and yet I feel honored they know they can trust the door will remain locked.
Personally I have no secrets that I can think of, I am an open book. LOL!

Crafty Green Poet said...

It's great to be trusted but difficult to have too many people entrusting you with their secrets. Like you I'm 'interested in others, but simply do not need to know someone's business'.

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