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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Meme of eight!

While visiting Abby’s blog I saw she had a small collection of her shoes with the question what do my shoes say about me! So I decided to post my shoes and pose that same question….then to throw you off I decided to post a few of Peppers too! So what do our shoe say about us? Keep in mind these are not the only shoes we have! Blush blush!

My everyday shoes are the plain black wedges in the middle. I have worn out about four pairs of shoes similar to those for the last six or so years! They are the most comfortable; the prettiest too with a large bow covering the top of the foot. It’s hard to tell by the picture! Except for the silver thongs…..(that’s what us oldsters call them, instead of flip flops) I tend to stick to the same comfy shoes that match everything! The sequined black shoes I wear with pants on occasion! I used to love fun shoes but now I’m restricted to more comfort!

Peppers newest addition!

Pepper has only one pair of shoes that look grubby, but they are about nine years old and have glitter on them. What would those be for I wonder???? All her Chuck Taylor’s were accumulated over the last ten years.

Her favorite shoes of the moment are her guess high heals and her flat moccasins with the colored hearts! I don't care for her mocasins because they remind me of my mother, but she wears them daily, they’re comfy! If the truth be told I lived in moccasins as a teen, but mine didn’t have a sole like those do!
She loves her red fluvog boots! I didn’t even touch on all the other boots she owns. She has an eleven years old pair of boots she wears faithfully every winter! She had new zippers put in them and the soles re glued. Pepper still owns a pair of hot pink stiletto boots she got one year for her birthday; she has black ones very similar too!
I love all her shoes I just can't wear shoes like that anymore!

Meme of eight random things from Tara's blog. Please visit today to read her blurb about rising above the naysayers!

I prefer the ends of a loaf of bread for toast! I like the ends of a fresh loaf of French bread too!

I will get riled up about injustice of others, not so much for myself. I rarely get mad! If I do, I will firmly utter " I'm not H-A-P-P-Y!" Emphasizing the happy very slowly!My family heeds my distain! Now watch, something will cause me to rant on my blog… laugh out loud!

I procrastinate at times. Mostly because I get interested in too many things at once! If I stick to a routine I’m fine. Of course I detest routine!

I really like being single, but would never have imagined I’d feel this way when I was young!

I don't wear brown or beige and I prefer fruit over chocolate! Is that
I despise time; never wear a watch! I only use a clock out of necessity!

I often get my day switched around. Sometimes because I'm hormonal, other times because I want to! I am such a night hawk that I could easily sleep the days away to be up all night! It’s the deep stillness of night that I love!

I can get lost on the information highway! Actually I get side tracked and then forget what I was looking for! However I do learn some interesting facts along the way!

Join me in the meme then let me know you did it! Thanks!


A Fanciful Twist said...

Me too Me too Me tooooooooo! I love the new black here. My eyes are totallt into it!!! xoxoxo

vicci said...

I loved seeing the shoes! I love shoes...something about a shoe tells others who we are....I never have room for all my shoes! What woman doesn't like shoes??????

paris parfait said...

Fabulous shoes! And I like the new look of your blog. As for the meme, thanks for doing it. More interesting tidbits about you! That is a really beautiful photo of you! xo

P.S. Typepad said they whitelisted your address; if you're still having issues they have a possible solution. Let me know pls.

Lucy said...

I love learning more and more about Giggles! 8 wasn't enough!
I LoVE LOVE LOVE shoes.( it is a weakness or a sickness, I can't decide)
What a great Idea for a post Sher! ( May I copy it too?? ) I think your cute shoes show you love black which makes YOU a classic baby! I think if you see all my shoes you would re-think our friendship! haha NON sensible, impulsive and multi-colored galore! haha I guess that means I AM CRAZY again! ( I'm starting to believe those kids of mine!)
Love your photo sexy mamma! xoxo

Clare said...

It was lots of fun getting a tour of your's and Pepper's shoes -- I really enjoyed this! And the meme was also great fun to read -- I love finding out things about people, especially some of the quirks and unexpected things -- like preferring fruit over chocolate!

Abzdragon said...

Yes!! So happy you did this!! Pepper really likes color, I would love to snag some of hers :D!! And black goes with everything... I have probably 10 pairs of black heels <3 Thanks for the tour! I loved it!

Tammy said...

I'm shocked that all your shoes are black, I was expecting color (but cute black). :) I loved seeing other sides of you in the meme. :) Well done!


CattyCat said...

Ah to have such small feet. Mine are so big I cannot buy women's shoes. Yes really.

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