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Friday, August 03, 2007

Alone again Naturally!

A little image done for the prompt "treasure"

Tonight I had a lean cuisine for dinner, not so much because I’m trying to shed the million pounds that follow me around. I had one because it was quick, easy, on sale and there were no leftovers to scavenge! The kids are in beautiful Victoria for Bryans Birthday, my life is now completely my own….hands up in the air doing the wiggle dance! Of course I love them, but for the next few days there is no pressure to care for anyone but me….what a joy! I was at the drugstore toodling around, bought a few different things. I’m not the same person when I’m released from mother mode! It was interesting to see what I might like. I bought some old lady cookies with coconut in them…they’re kind of a shortbread! What’s up with that I wonder?

Anyway the cashier double charged me on three items, and over charged me on another, totaling about sixteen dollars. I was shocked, especially because I didn't check my bill until I arrived home. I called the store, the cashier was not very remorseful but said she’d return my money. It was an annoyance, but I wasn’t mad. I made a customer complaint only because it's a store we frequent. I certainly don't want this to be a regular occurrence! I take responsibility for not checking the bill before I left the store. I drove the kids to catch the first ferry and hadn't much sleep.Anyway I hope to have it rectified soon!

Okay back to my art, writing and happy dancing…..in the nude….yes I can do that now!!!! Okay, off to scare some peeping toms! Blahhhh


Tammy said...

Enjoy your "mommy mode." I must admit I love it now that it's a full time mode. :) My bad! XXOO

Anonymous said...

Ohhh that would just annoy me to no end. Although it's understandable that people make mistakes. It doesn't make them any less annoying though. That happens to me when I get my meds. I'll go and by the time I get home check them...and they've given me the wrong meds! OHHH THAT is sooo annoying! :) Anyway, wonderful post!*HUGS*

LisaOceandreamer said...

Ah my dear I can feel the lightness of being...it's essential to have moments just blissfully your own. I'm SO glad you're enjoying them....
Have a most wonderful time doing art, writing and giving those "Toms" a show they'll never forget.lol!
Love and hugs,

Lucy said...

haha Those peeping Toms are thrilled!
I hate when I am over charged, but that was a HUGe error! Glad you did finally check the receipt.
Don't you find those lean cuisines too lean?
I am always starving after one. Enjoy your alone time girlfriend! xoxo

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