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Friday, September 07, 2007

Expressing Purse-onlity

Yesterday we expressed our PURSE-ONALITY at an exciting workshop my friend Violette facilitated with the lovely artist Debra. I really enjoyed the interesting history of purses that Debra presented. We did a meditation before the project which produced results I'm hoping to incorporate into another purse-onality!

It was held at a women center in White Rock where I had frequented the free drop in group sessions, well over eleven years ago! It was extremely helpful during the years pre-divorce when I felt so lost and alone. Lately I have been thinking about Womans Place, when Violette invited me to the workshop. The sychronicity was intriguing, with my thoughts manifesting so quickly.
The very warm Joanna, a local healing artist is involved in facilitating a few community projects. She produced the mermaid on the rock in the Mermaid Mural. I was so surprised to hear we grew up in the same city of North Vancouver. Although ten years younger I can't help but wonder if I ever bumped into her when she was a child.
It was great fun meeting the vivacious roller derby Queen Mandy, with the Betty Page bangs. Apparently there's a resurgence of roller skating, my favorite sport as a young girl! I even bought my own skates, they were seventy five dollars in 1967!
Aren't these two sisters Nora and Sam a bubbly happy pair! It was so much fun chatting and creating, knowing we're involved in the evolution of purses. I see many young girls today with altered bags whether it's a massive collection of pins, patches, or art representing who they are! This is the start of my purse which I am in the midst of completing. I made a new enhanced digital copy of past piece of art, adhered and coated over with modge podge, let it dry, painted over it with acrylics. It's in the very preliminary stages but I hope to incorporate words or a poem to finish it off!

Violette had many of her art purses there on display, although I've seen them many times before I'm still amazed at the
wonderful quality of work she produces. If I had the funds I would commission a purse from her, representing who I am! The time and detail for her art ascertains the need to charge for such magnificent talent!

It's so much fun toting around a piece of art. I was always stopped when I carried around my
art purses. The door lady at Costco always referred to me as the lady with the cool purse! Thank you Violette for the invite, it was a blast!


KaiBlueCreations said...

you lucky thing!! what a gorgeous purse Sherri!! love the photos everyone looks so relaxed and happy!!
PEace, Kai xx

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

What a fantastic creative project!! Love your purse Sherrie & love your wonderful spirit. I've selected you for a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award!
xx, JP/deb

Lucy said...

FACE IT BABY..... You Are FULL of it.... Talent that is!! I can't believe how amazing that purse is Sher! You should mass produce and send them over here to NY. I would Carry that proudly. ( and don't forget I am a purse whore) What a great workshop and how creative your pal is too.
Congrats on being recognized as the rockin mamma you are! xox

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