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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alberta Sunset

Photo by Pepper
Alberta Sunset
I was so excited to pick Pepper up last night. Everything seemed brighter as I drove slightly after sunset to pick her up at the airport. There was this new beauty in the night. I love nights anyway!

Photo by Pepper

Alberta Sunset over the Wing

Pepper with her Friend and employee Kara

Pepper with the Penguins. She loves them so much, she even has penguin jammies! I can just imagine the squeals when she saw these guys at the West Edmonton mall! Every winter she goes on a frantic search for comfy winter boots. All she got was a a dress, a sweater and sore feet!

A thankful Foot massage at West Ed Mall, probably one of the largest malls in Canada!

Although I'm not much of a Skull person, and neither is Pepper I do love this photo with that misfits t-shirt in the back ground. But power to those who love Skulls. Each to their own I say! Majority of people I know have all felt like misfits at one time or another! How about you, do you ever feel like a misfit?


Janet said...

Oh, my yes!! I usually feel like a misfit. I'm either way ahead of everyone else or way behind! I guess I'm just out of step with everything.

Pepper is just beautiful!!

Gemma said...

Pepper is becoming a good photographer... Yep
Square peg in a round hole world
Cya 1pm Friday!

Tammy said...

I've been out of town but I'm all caught up on your touching, scary and beautiful posts. Pepper's shots were great! That sunset...wow. HUGS

KaiBlueCreations said...

I love hanging out of airplanes and taking pictures.. PEpper's sunset shot is just gorgeous..everything seems so peaceful up above the Earth..
Super cute post!
PEace, Kai xx

tinker said...

What a beautiful sunset - and Pepper, too! Glad there was some fun and beauty on her trip despite the scary stuff. xox

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