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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Scribbling Collectors

Victoria Flowers photo by Pepper
The camera is on a trip, sorry I can't post a picture pertaining to todays subject matter!
Sunday Scribbling Collectors

Originally I was going to speak about my love of colored glass and how I collect many lovely pieces. Had I the camera I would have snapped several pictures of them. But last night my friend and I hit up a coffee shop comedy night. I made the blunder of getting reservations. When we arrived, there it was, an awaiting front seat table. Probably not a good idea at a comedy show especially if you're wanting to be inconspicuous!

Several young men made us laugh. Of course the gentle voiced female made me laugh the hardest as she spewed all her womanly follies about weight and men. One young male comedian made fun of birthday cards, the stupidity of them sitting out for two weeks then being tossed in the garbage. When he looked straight at me for confirmation that I too throw my cards out, I nodded a No. Stopping him in his comedic tracks.
"You mean you keep them, you really keep them?" he asked rather stunned as I screwed up his joke. This time I nodded a yes ....as he shook his head searching for more comebacks.
" In binders!" I blurted out during his pause.
" In binders!" he said to the crowd. " She keeps them in binders!" he repeated even more confused. "Well what do you do with the wrapping paper, you keep that too?" he looked at me waiting for an answer. Although I didn't speak I made a reluctant facial gesture indicating I save that too. Leaving him even more dumbfounded.

Well I guess it's a girl thing, but yes I collect special occasion cards and I do have binders of them. If ever I should need an affirming moment I shall refer back to all the beautiful things people have said about me over the years. Of course that has never happened to date. I have collected them for well over thirty years. I think there is a history in cards. Some of them are so beautiful, many of them funny too. Truthfully I have no idea why I collect them. I just do! This post makes me question the obsession.

Maybe it's for the sentiment. My daughter will be able to look back, read the cards her dad gave me, maybe feel some comfort knowing that we once loved each other. She can see how prices have risen over the years as she laughs at the huge cards costing just over a dollar. She can see how art and style has evolved. Just the fact that people take the time to read and purchase cards is reason enough for me to keep them.

The cards I have given over the years should be accompanied with a tissue. One way or another they may evoke tears as I take the opportunity to pen what an individual means to me. Often times giving someone a card is an opportunity for me to express the importance of that individual in my life. Sometimes it's a time to just make light and laugh together. On the other hand trying to find a card for that teetering relationship can be grueling. Either way there is usually so much sentiment attached! Do you save your cards or do you toss them?


KaiBlueCreations said...

I keep my cards. Well kinda..lol. I like to make collage pages with them in my journals. I keep some and make gift tags with them, I keep the sentiments and use them in blank cards.(cheesy? lol..probably) I use them for scrap paper.. and tuns of other things..
PEace n fun, Kai

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Hey, Sherrie. Well, I must admit, I keep cards and re-cycle them and the paper, too! So much for sentiment I guess.

Bryan emailed Raf who emailed him back, and we've found their myspace pages, too.

Hope all is well. I am counting the days until we get back up there...I think we will spend 3 days in the Vancouver area. I want to visit you guys, go to Victoria to see the garden, and go to Granville Island for the most of a day this time.

Love you guys!!

Gemma said...

Hi...Beautiful photo Pepper took!!! I keep the special cards in a box and recycle the others.
See you soon....Teehee

vicci said...

Sherrie...I SAVE all of my cards! I have boxes full....sometimes I'll go thru a box....always brings back sweet memories....beautiful flowers!

Shelley Hrdlitschka said...

I think it's lovely that you save your cards! I only save the ones that are extra special, or have really unique art. They are all over my office. A binder is a good idea.


Anonymous said...

I usually take pieces of cards of all kinds and make collages with them. I would never toss something that was given to me. Absolutely outstanding photo! Thanks for sharing!
:) *HUGS*

Amber said...

Oooo, those flowers are wonderful. I wish I had a green thumb! lol
I also LOVE colored glass. I don't have much of a collection, though. Just a little. But it is my favorite art, I think.


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