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Friday, September 14, 2007

We'll Never Forget

Photo by Pepper
Canadian Soldiers in Victoria
Check out this clip from the meeting held Sept 9, 2007 in New York by John Feal founder of Feal Good Foundation!

Sept eleventh, I canceled my contact fitting at Costco. There is just something about that day that will never be the same since the World Trade center was demolished. I have such a deep sadness and respect for the innocent Americans that have been traumatized by this event!

At the time my daughter was dating a bit of a rebel, a good fellow, a religious young man, with some conflicting morals to his faith. This naive young dude said some negative things that day that shocked me. Although quite religious he had no concept of the injustice in its entirety! My perspective as a mother, keeper of the peace, clashed with his, we argued.

I wanted to see compassion for the human lives ripped from their loved ones. Instead he roped all Americans together represented by their administration. I was quick to remind him not to judge me by asinine choices my government makes without consulting me!

It’s inconceivable to send my family off to work for the day not to have them ever return. To be obliterated as a pure vendetta, of differing religious beliefs is blasphemy in any country. I cried deep hard tears of grief for families changed forever! Needless to say my daughter moved on soon after that.

It was a heartbreaking day that changed the world forever. Today my daughter boarded a domestic flight for work; I was reminded of all the changes as she tried to fit all her liquids in 100 ml bottles. I remember back to that fearful day, unable to get a hold of my only brother, the last of my immediate family who was to fly home from Toronto that afternoon! Instead he was stranded when all Canadian and American flights were grounded until further notice. No one really knew how far this calamity had reached. We all sat glued to the television, waiting for an explanation.

To this day there is no justification! Instead the catastrophe continues as young men shrouded with lies are shipped to Iraq for surmised time limits that prove to be inaccurate. Billions are spent on a war in the Middle East while many first responders suffer without proper healthcare, or financial restitution for their deteriorating health caused by Nine Eleven! Sadly the aftermath continues, and will for years to come as soldiers return damaged for life, by horrific physical and emotional experiences they’ve unjustly endured. Pray for the safe return of all soldiers as the hell continues six years later!

Let there be Peace check out this really quick beautiful Scott Stratton "While you can" Video to put in perspective what we all need!


Gemma said...

Thank you so much for being compassionate. With love from an old lady that is solemnly anti-war !!!!
See you next week!!!

Lucy said...

thanks so much sherrie, I wish more people would have your compassion and understand that all americans don't agree with the actions of their government. Any one who ropes a group together like that makes me nervous.
Glad Bryan replaced that narrowminded dude,
I think we will always remember what we were doing on that tragic day and be haunted by the senselessness of it all.

Anonymous said...

9/11 hurt sooo many people. It was a tragendy that as you said we'll NEVER forget. Thank you for sharing this post with us!

you are amazing said...

love and bliss to you....

this is a really amazing website...
love to you x x Enjoy...



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