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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I’m pretty proud of my independent daughter traveling alone to Grand Prairie Alberta. The short business trip was extended three days when UPS managed to lose part of a parcel she needed to set up a computer. So Pepper decided to take an excursion on Saturday morning; a six hour bus trip to Edmonton where she met up with friends, visited West Edmonton Mall, then had a sleep over.

Pepper was back at the bus station early Sunday morning with the intention of returning to Grand Prairie by noon to work in the store. Just before boarding the bus she entered the washroom. Always cautious there seemed to be no threat when she entered. While in the stall she could hear two women complaining about the dirty washrooms. Upon leaving the stall she was accosted by those same women. Two large sized natives with no teeth, which she referred to as “totally cracked out!”

Pepper tried to pass them; they continued to block her small frame. Thankfully her long blonde tresses were in a very tight bun. She asked them what they wanted. They asked her what she had. Pepper confidently told them she had nothing. In a challenging voice the one woman said she wanted ten dollars. With indignation Pepper told them no. The women continued to threaten her. Keeping my daughter trapped the one woman blurted out “what if I told you I have a gun?” The silent partner piped up, demanding twenty dollars. The two crack heads started to argue amongst themselves, but the first woman won out, reiterating that ten dollars would be fine. Concerned that they might bite or harm her, Pepper wondered if they actually had a gun. She seriously considered not giving them the money. Usually not willing to part with a dime unnecessarily, she quickly reached into her large purse, holding her digital camera, an ipod, a large sum of money, and three credit cards, quickly and covertly grabbed a ten , then handed it to them. The women whispered a warning for her not to tell anyone then scurried off!

It was 5:30 am; Pepper scuttled to sit with a safe crowd, quietly warning those she sat with that she'd been mugged. She figured the women were going across the street to A &W to get some food.Once the scoundrels left she reported to the Greyhound security guard she’d been mugged, who in turn asked her why she hadn’t chased the women down. Pepper looked at the guard shaking her head in disbelief. Another traveler piped up, “Is he stupid or what?”
Pepper responded to the Amish looking man, “That’s what I was thinking!”

Relieved to be on her way to the hotel, she fell asleep on the bus. When she called me four hours later she never mentioned the incident. Instead she informed Bryan. They conspired not to enlighten me, but later that night she surrender the whole story. I reminded her I wasn’t a wimp but very capable of handling difficult situations with ease. I explained I have the experience of age giving me the ability to guide her through uncontrollable issues. I think she was relieved that I knew she’d be okay.

When she got back to the hotel there was a kafuffle with her room. After the stress of the day,finally settled she felt like a drink, very unusual for a girl who rarely drinks. There was only beer so she didn’t bother. Instead she recapped the day’s events to the waitress. Flabbergasted the waitress reported that the exact same thing happened to her! I have a sneaking suspicion this is a regular occurrence.

If I really think too hard about it, I will be distraught. I’d already compiled worse case scenarios possibilities in my head before she left. I never quite shared the extent of my worry about her being alone and having long blonde hair. I should have made her dye it black!! Haha! Instead I am choosing to laugh about it. Even my brother said they were the nicest robbers he’s ever heard about. Another friend giggled too, I even think Pepper is ready to laugh about it!! But gosh it was scary! She is home one day, then off to Toronto again for five days!!! You just have to let them go and pray they’ll be safe!


Shelley Hrdlitschka said...

How frightening!

I wonder why the greyhound bus employee didn't call the police?


altermyworld said...

Iack a mothers nightmare, I am glad she is ok, angels were around here that is for sure. She is one pretty girl her smile lights up a room.
Be still your mothers heart.
OR ELSE that kabana guy is not going to visit when you need him. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
PS I really did worry that you were ok first.
the giggles came secondly.
PSS I am so glad your dear heart daughter is ok

Gemma said...

How frightening. I have 2 young daughters a blonde and a brunette.
As a mom I worry about both of them...So glad Pepper had her wits about her and handled the situation!!!

Lucy said...

omg Thank god Pepper is okay. I thought for sure they would have taken all her purses contents. How could anyone expect her to chase them? MOron! I know how relieved you must be Sherrie. So, you think blondes are more of a target?? interesting I think I will go back to being a brunette! I've missed too many posts and hope to catch up later. oxo

Brian said...

Pepper did the right thing. She didn't panic and got herself out of the situation.

I am always careful in public, but you never know.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine doing that to a person. What are they thinking?? But it sounds like she did great. It could have gone a whole lot worse. She did good.
And she is so cute.


tinker said...

Whew! I'm so glad it didn't turn out any worse - how scary (and scary for moms to consider the possibilities, too, I'm sure - having a couple of young ladies of my own, I can just imagine how you must be feeling). Sounds like your Pepper's got a good head on her shoulders. ((Hugs)) to you both!

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