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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Scribblings " Writing"

Bryan, Kris, Laura, and Pepper at Crescent Beach in White Rock, close to ten P.M.
Life has been a little upside down around here lately! New job for Bryan with training in town, Pepper leaving on a business trip next week, a few family issues to contend with. And a whole lot of tiredness plaguing all of us!
Bryan brother Kris is sweet sixteen...well he really is a sweetie just like his big brother! Seriously he's such a neat kid he wouldn't even mind me jesting about him being sweet sixteen. Yes one in a million this guy! We managed an open mike night at a coffee shop on Wednesday, then Bryan serenaded us on the beach, sort of a last hooray to summer!
I can't show my mouth because there is lipstick all over my front teeth....or maybe I should for a laugh. Nope I tried....I just can't! How ridiculous is that?

Sunday Scribblings prompt is "Writing"! This is my contribution for this week!

Must Do

I started a blog out of whim

To practice linguistic

To purge things within

Writing frenetically

As a legacy

Future generations may heed

Not particularly for anyone

To presently read

Soon readers trickled in

Scantly at first

As they jumped on board

I tried to become better versed

Soon the challenge

Moved beyond my dimension

Increasing awareness

Of things that I’d mention

Additional readers arrived

Some left a comment or two

Others with only lurking in store

A diverse influx of people

I’d not met before

I’d written about everything

Family, friends and my follies

Even a dear Child passing

The loss of my pet,

Sorrows I’ve endured

A history rehashing

My life laid out for the world to see

Still holding back

Certain aspects of me

So much scripting

Bursts at my seems

Some in story, in rhyming

Poetry, in themes

A romance I’ve indulged

Feverishly engaged

To Language and art

Exuding type once caged

Some irrelevant to the masses

Often my opinion’s unique

Still I ramble on

Hoping your passion is tweaked

If you can gain a wisp of insight

By my life

It’s a victory for me

Either way,

My soul Insists

That I write!


Tammy said...

The kids look so happy and playful. I loved your poem because it matches my own writing journey. I don't feel bad now for being MIA for this weeks SS. I did my "E" and stole this song but gave you credit on the title. lol

Your loving music thief! XXOO

Lucy said...

You always Tweak my passion as well as inspire me to strive for your knack of entertaining blogging! LoVe the pics! Your friends and family always look like they're having a blast... Can I come on over Giggles?? xox

tinker said...

You captured your blog writing experience so well - great take on the writing prompt!

Looks like everyone's having a great time in those photos - I had to laugh about the lipstick on the teeth, I do that all too often myself. Still it gave you a chance to showcase your lovely eyes in the photo!

tumblewords said...

Blogging is a fine thing! I enjoyed your post and the pictures, as well.

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