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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A bit of this and that!

Found another Mary Naylor Mug in the dog series....this one is a skateboarder...I love her humor!
I went to my Cousins Annual Christmas party on Saturday. She has renovated her kitchen and living room, so it was all open! It's now the perfect party house. And party they did!
One of the guys who lives there has a bearded dragon, and this little hedge hog. What a sweet creature. The onslaught of the crowd sent Savannah scurrying up Jeff's sweater sleeve where she nestled in!

My Christmas celebration is approaching quicker than most. Because of divorce we have to find a suitable date for everyone. Which is no longer the traditional twenty fifth! I'm off to tie up some loose ends and see if my car works! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

What a cute hedgehog. :)

Hope the holiday is not too stressful.



tumblewords said...

Love the new mug!

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