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Friday, December 21, 2007

Writers Island " Relinquishing Hope"

Writers Island " This Season"

So after droning on for one long page I decided to write a poem instead. Even though I have been sharing many of the seasonal highs lately, there is so much, as you well know, goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes I need a few days to separate myself from emotional upheaval so I can be more objective.

Relinquishing Hope

It’s not always what it appears

The beauty of the lights

Bring memories of stolen strands

Dad felt were rightfully his

The Christmas trade off

Turns into the Cinderella nightmare

Without the catered Ball, or the prince

To rescue her from the bad memories

It’s the day that hope turns into angst

Of past disappointments

him not really knowing who she is

Or what she needs

Christmas is not always pretty

Like the glitz of the garland

Instead it’s a false promise

A ruthless eternal lie

Every year she anticipates

That childhood Christmas

Every year she unwraps

A broken heart

Still she believes in the kids

Charity, generosity, love

The music, the baking

The decorations, her mom

One year her giving heart exploded

Finding perfect Gifts for everyone

Excited to watch them opened

She waited, but no one came to get her

It’s a time when finding a card

Is like having a root canal

Without the freezing

Hours go by and still nothing but pain

Nothing can explain the relationship

Nothing authentic anyway

Invisible ink brushes the page with

“I hate how you continue to hurt me”

“When will you finally understand me?”

“Why can’t you defend my rights?”

“Why do I always feel like less

When I’m with you?”

Written over it in blue ink

“I wish you happiness and laughter”

“Hope all your dreams come true”

“I love you, your daughter”

Picks up the pen

with invisible ink!

“Oh yeah,

and thanks for the sperm!”


Anonymous said...

Despite all that, Christmas and other holidays are about sharing with the ones you love. I hope you and Pepper and your family have a blessed and joyous weekend.

Pam Aries said...

THat was profound and I felt it from the very bottom of your heart and soul. I have been catching up on everyone's blog s today and I feel all the different emotions coming from each one. it is amazing!

paris parfait said...

Sherry, a very profound poem. Wow! Sending much love and hugs to you. And thank you for your lovely email; will catch up with you soon. I'm competing for computer time with three others at the moment. Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friend. Hope 2008 is your best year yet. xoxox

Lucy said...

Sherrie, when I first started reading this I didn't realize it was about Peppers dad, but I knew your dad was wonderful. So sorry for her disappointments. Thank god for her wonderful mamma. Wishing you and Pepper a magical Christmas, where her dreams do come true. xoxo

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Came to Wish You a Very Merry Blessed Christmas and a Very Happy Blessed New Year to You and Yours!!! Look's like you and you dd need some {{{HUGS}}} too by what I read in the poem!!!

tumblewords said...

The worlds behind the eyes, behind the scenes. Aren't there so many layers of memories and plays...

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