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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Art from Ang and Meme of Six

My Friend Ang from Altermyworld sent me these beautiful pieces of art. The pictures don't do these pieces justice. I must say I was so impressed by the perfection of depth and detail in these art cards. I plan on framing them for my loft where I spend the majority of my time! They will sit with my family pictures, and adored black velvet children from South Africa.
Thank you Ang my art pales in comparison. This was such a lovely surprise in my hectic life right now. In the next few days things should slow down for a few weeks and I will complete my pieces to send out. I can't wait to do that!
I love how Ang captures the womans figure much more true to form! Ang I do adore your art....I could see a wonderful line of cards done Ang's style. She also sent me a book thong that marks the page. Cute eh? I feel truly blessed thanks again Ang for these lovely gifts from your soul!

The Rules:- Link to the person that tagged you.

Rick at Myrtlebeachramblings passed along this meme. I pretty much thought I had told everything there is to tell about myself. But here are six more things.
Post the rules on your blog.
Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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I fall asleep every night with the television on a timer, sometimes I forget to put the timer on and sleep all night with the TV on. I remember my mother would always wake up when you turned off her television!

I love a clean house I just find cleaning so frustratingly redundant. I’d rather be doing almost anything else! Music is a diversion from the tediousness of the nasty chores, so I can be found to blare it while doing the deed. I do exhale when all the work is done though....but it does seem endless.

I have a hand fetish, if I am attracted to a man I can tell immediately whether I could go further, just by looking at his hands.

When the kids aren’t around I eat completely different. I look in the fridge and just eat what isn’t moldy. This brings me to the conclusion that I probably cook more out of obligation rather than desire. However I do like to cook for my friends on occasion!

My home is my sanctuary, I don’t always answer the phone or the door when I’m home. Sometimes I just don’t hear it because the music is too loud, plus I have bad hearing as well. Other times I may have company and feel it's rude to interrupt my time with them. There are also times I just don’t feel like I need to explain myself….I may not answer it because I'm busy with my hands full of paint, or in the bath, or writing a piece I just can’t stop. I am usually not curious who calls or knocks either! I feel they will call back or leave a message. It’s a boundary my mother taught me! Some people feel it’s ignorant or selfish, I call it self preservation.

I have always loved heart shapes, and peace signs. Probably because I value peace and love so much! It’s not surprising my daughter was married valentines day. She remembers childhood valentine’s days being almost as spectacular as a birthday or Christmas. Since shes grown up I'm not as much into celebrations.

Because many people find memes too obligatory I'll send out a request for anyone who has a blog void to do this meme!


myrtle beached whale said...

So you can never meet a man in Home Depot because it seems everyone in there is missing some fingers. That would obviously eliminate him from a visit to the promised land. Great song. I loved Juno. Thanks for doing my MEME.

Lucy said...

Loved your answers! I am the EXACT same way about the phone and door! haha LEAVE ME ALONE! I am excited that I have a lot of reading to catch up with on your bitchin blog! ♥

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