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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday Scribblings " Foul"

Disabled young man, four years old, still no known diagnoses, after hundreds of tests and appointments.

Deceased at 10 months

Homeless in December...
by Richard Weibe

Single mom getting secondary education to better herself,
while fathers not fiscally or emotionally available.

Sunday Scribblings prompt this week is "FOUL". I almost wrote a little poem about a chicken...but I didn't. I have started this poem off pretty light but it gets a bit heavy at the end. Years ago I saw this play called " Moms the Word" It has become quite famous now. I loved how they would evoke loads of emotion and then pull you into laughter to stave off the tears. Jerking your emotions all over the map. Although there is no humor here I did try to use that method so it's a little easier to swallow!


Foul is a broken car too expensive to repair

Or a when a favorite TV show suddenly goes off the air

Foul is when your ex refuses to pay his due

Or when he makes no effort to see his child through

Foul is a Christmas when your fridge decides to die

Money for the seasons spent, your left asking why?

Foul is a mouth full of gold from a lucrative past

yet you can’t remember when you could afford a dentist last

Foul is when you’re at a deficit, by no choice of your own

And it’s a constant struggle to hang onto your home

Foul is all the children whose dads are never present

or ones who reside with them, but are rarely ever pleasant

Foul is menopause when sleeping eight hours is a perk

or when you feel grumpy invade, regretting that you’re a jerk

Foul is when a single parent wishes to buy their kids the world

Instead they get them bargains when they deserve the pearls

Foul is the disabled child who needs constant care

from adventurous loving couple, forced this cross to bear

Foul is when you fight for months to keep your child alive

but in an unexplained mystery, suddenly they die

Foul are the children famished in a country that has ample

or children neglected by parents who are a bad example

Foul are the women raped, forced to bear children before their time

in countries where men squelch a womans rights, still its not a crime

Foul are the trees clear cut so developers can make a mint

While parks aren’t replenished and amenities are taxed for a stint

Foul is the minimum wage where kids are abused by intimidation

When one man gets wealthy while youngsters are their negation

Foul are the cool kids judged, by their tresses, and what they wear

In fact they're the compassionate ones with an artistic flare

Foul are words misconstrued by those you hold so dear

When a noble intention somehow is twisted to become unclear

Foul are injustices of poverty, war, disease, famine and abuse

Without implementing efforts to abolish tribulations or to find a truce

Foul is a narcissistic media rarely accurate or correct

Where ethics need intervention and humanity needs more respect!


Heather Kathleen said...

foul indeed. i feel every bit of this work.

Rowan Willow said...

WOW...what A talent you have, and you certainly don't waste your gift! I am awesrtuck and feel it too. I found your blog thru One world~One Heart...I think we have a lot in common...I Loved reading the Celestine Prophecies, and I am also an independent, free speaking, eclectic, fun, funky, wild (more so in my younger years), and artistic person...sound similar???

Anywho...I enjoyed checking out your blog

Rowan Willow (alter/artist ego)
aka Tiffany

tumblewords said...

It's all there. Not only foul but pathetic as well. My post refers to the media which focuses on a direction others have chosen and bypasses the important a 'foul' things that are taking place. Great poem and nice choice of fouls.

myrtle beached whale said...

This is the best post of this prompt that I have read. I am humbled by your talent.

Lucy said...

your method of poetry was so powerful! you have the most amazing poetic abilities.
That you are able to take any topic and rhyme it with such precision such intensity Sher.. just wonderful to read your thoughtful creations.
These points you touched on were all truly foul. xox

keith hillman said...

I'm so pleased you ditched the chick. This is an amazing piece, not just as a chunk of poetry, but as a heartfelt reflection on all that is wrong with society - and fridges! Loved it.

Chris said...

Well written and especially well said!

Anonymous said...

i like this one!! wow!! good one mom!!love u

Jane Poe (aka Deborah) said...

Your words are so powerful & I've passed on the love and given you a Roar for Powerful Words award! xx, JP/deb

Tammy said...

Profound poetry from the depths of a beautiful soul! XXOO

LittleWing said...

i was looking for a word to describe this all encompassing poetic post... it is humblng how you have spoken... thank you

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