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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Five of My favorite things in the kitchen!

Five Things I value most in my kitchen in order of my favorite!

My really good very small paring knife….I’d be lost without it! Cost about nine dollars!

My t-fal wok pan, or any t-fal frying pan Does anything from a great omelet, to a wonderful stir fry, I also use it to cook my veggies for a fabulous thai salad too!

My blender is a must as we throw fruit in it daily to make healthy drinks.

The coffee pot is on at the very least once a day as I revere great cup of coffee with freshly ground beans in my little coffee grinder!

Of course my six month old fridge, because mine was on the fritz for so long!

What do you Value in your kitchen?

Five of my favorite food staples for cooking with

1) Fresh Garlic goes in almost everything!

2) Onions can’t live without them; they also enhance almost every dish!

3) Mayonnaise…..I can make any salad dressing or sauce as long as I have mayo as a base

4)Kraft zesty Italian dressing, for Greek salads, you can marinade anything it, enhances flavor with it as well!

5) Cheese, medium cheddar, Monterey jack, and Parmesan are always in my fridge….

What are your favorite staples!


Tammy said...

I copied that salad...yum!

I value my coffee press and my 5 staples match yours perfectly. ;)



keith hillman said...

As I work day and night in a pub kitchen, my one at home has only one item of any value in it - my microwave oven!

Mary Timme said...

You'll laugh, but I still get a kick out of running water and single handle faucets in the kitchen. I mean it! I also am the gadget queen of the kitchen. I love them. I'm probably the only person I know, other than a chef, who uses an egg slicer every day almost. And my microwave. I'm sure that is a the most glorious invention. I also like not having to defrost or get ice for refrigerators, or clean ovens. Now if I could just get rid of the vacuumming job. . .
5 favs to cook with. Fresh herbs, fresh vegies and fresh fruit are my biggest things I favorites. Meat is losing it taste for me. So, I've been on a cheese kick for awhile. I love fontina on kicked up tuna melts.

Tinker said...

Zesty Italian is one of my favorite marinades.
The cheese - oh my yes, gotta have it!
Trying to think what else I HAVE to have, hmm - Smart Balance butter spread - I will go out at night to get it, if we run low...

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