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Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Photo


Mystery man

I borrowed this off your website, if you visit, please don't be offended! I took it with the best intention. Although I will anonymously credit you, I hesitate to divulge who you are! Oh and Happy Birthday too! Creepy eh?
But of course with your cyber intelligence no doubt can track right back to me. I just hope you don't!

Sunday Scribbling "Photo"

I almost restrained myself from publishing this post. I'm embarrassed these meandering thoughts surface on occasion. I've managed to squelch them for over three years now! It must be the dawn of spring that takes me back to that instant Attraction I felt when I first observed him. Just think of me as a secret admirer, rather than a weirdo! Somehow it seems the male version of these feeling are less gauche! Any logic of a connection would be insane! However it does make me question who I am!


“Who are you?” a stranger might curiously ask.

I can’t say I could answer in specifics

Invisibly I trace my youthful face in one photo

Jumping ahead almost thirty years to the next

Still there is no sure answer

Nothing concrete

Too many bricks of complexity

Stacked tall,

Unlikely worth the catapult attempt

To a response

Still unidentified

Soul vicariously roams

Contemplating uncensored


With creativity

Yet at times

I feel a mysterious pinch

Wanderlust prodding

Me into cyber space

Skulking intelligence

Peering with insatiable curiosity

Devouring every word

Of his online journal

Like a ravenous female letch

Captivated by a

Man near half my age

I am left hanging


Wonder and lust

Left unsure

I can ever answer

Who I am!


Skyelarke said...

lustful anonymous safety. it may never become clear but keeping working out your feelings! you'll know yourself better for it. :-)

Tammy said...

I had the big hair too. lol

Nothing wrong or wierd here, this man would be flattered and lucky to know you.

You are a woman deserving of love.

I found Dave online...


Lucy said...

In the words of the immortal Sophie Tucker... 20 goes into 50 a hell of lot better than 50 goes into 20. I need details Miss Sherrie.. please email me as my life is boring and this is a hot subject baby!
YOu don't Know until you try.. He may LOVE older women and if not..You've got a new name for your sex toy! ♥

CattyCat said...

I think you are more beautiful now than then. Honest I do. There is more knowledge and experience in your face. You know life now. You have lived and loved truly. We are beautiful no mater what they say and words can't bring us down.

Hi kiddo. Long time no cruise by. Sorry bout that, blogging just is an occassional past time now. Go with the flow. But I think of you. No doubt.

Granny Smith said...

Properly mysterious - with emphasis on the "proper". I'll be trite and say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

texasblu said...

I love your frank boldness, although you were afraid to tell...

I think it's awesome! I agree with Granny.. nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think you're gorgous!

judie said...

Awesomely honest post, and brave. You are not alone. I think many of us have experienced these feelings about someone....I do/have. I went to your Attraction site. Your words are truthful and wonderful.

keith hillman said...

Well, It's not me that's for sure! I don't think I've seen a post quite like this before.

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