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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Swashbucklers Soiree

Late it may be I'm off to the Swashbucklers Soiree Hosted by The Ribboned Crown.
Hoping not to be ousted because of my less than desirable attributes! I have been known to kick up my heels with the best of them!! I am woman hear me roar! Click image to enlarge

Swarthy Woman

They’ve forced me to walk, the plank ye’ see

I’m a swarthy woman, preferin RUM in her tea

I pinched a bottle, from Captain Jack’s room

A wayward act, certain to incite doom

With nothing to wear to swashbuckler’s soiree

I was kinda havin an unfortunate day

Not dazzling like other ladies attendin

Nor am I girl much into pretendin

I stole to the haul, to drink me some rum

When they caught me lard Ass,…dum deed dum dum!

Pirates a Laughin, jokin at my expense

Cunning young lassie, I played rather dense

Their swords were a flayin, too near my chest

So I ran down the plank, with their rum to protest

Threatening to pour Rum into the drink

Their pirate’ in ways, had pushed me to the brink

They promised they’d try to be real gents

So backwards I walked careful and tense

Rum poured out of my cup as I made me way back

As I inched off the plank, I was frightened to see Jack

Out went his hand, pulling me in with affection

Then I knew I was his, by his tender inflection

Standing tall with the others, he had something planned

I swooned in his arms to heed his command!


Christine LeFever said...

Oh, ti's a poetess of the finest ilk for to tell of the gentlemanly behavior of dear Cap'n Jack. Lard you say, no way, I'm certain!

And now, I'll have a swig o' that rum, Matey. Party on at this soiree!



Donna O. said...

Oh, swarthy one! I can understand if your revenge was the rum! Thankfully you left us the chocolate. I've hidden one bottle of rum away which I am bringing out as we speak - so a toast to you for standing up to those trouble makers!

fated follies studio said...

oh how fun. Did you paint her? better late than never lest ye be a scallywag! arrr...


BumbleVee said...

c'mon lass...if ye hav rum.... swoon in me arms then.....

Tammy said...

Lucky poetic lass!!! Pass that there jug. ;) XXOO Enjoy!

Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the art, and the poem!! Very clever!

Fete et Fleur said...

The best pirate poem! This was so much fun to read. I laughed the entire time. ;~)


Darlene said...

BPPE award!!!

best pirate poem ever!

you win!

xxx darlene

KaiBlueCreations said...

ARGH!! Swarty pirate maid, Im glad ye had fun and the shindig!!
Those are awesome parle words there, worthy of your talents indeed..

lol, dont you just love pirate talk?
Peace n hugs, Kai xx

Mary Timme said...

Well, I agree with Darlene! What more can I say.

Lucy said...

EYE matey! Send him thisa way when you've had yee fill of ravaging his Auss!
(You are killing me with your witty creative poetry!)
LOVE it xoxo ♥

latree said...

I saw you linked by forgetful one. interesting blog. but my english isn't good enough to understand a poem. I'll learn though


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