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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Thirteen "Rants"

Thursday Thirteen things to RANT about! ; Let me caution you this sounds like PMS, Menopause and residual past pent up anger all wrapped into one!

Anything on television pertaining to abused animals…anything at all. Oprah started to discuss puppy mills, as soon as I heard the word, I immediately flicked it OFF. That evening at dinner my eleven year old nephew proceeded to give me a play by play of what they do to the dogs. I begged him to stop! Warning him with my stern look,the one that means “ SHUT UP OR I'll SIT ON YOU”! Well at least that's what it meant when Pepper was little! He got it, but not before he said one thing that I can’t get out of my mind! I hate that so much!

Anything about abused kids makes me crazy too! One News station kept flashing over and over photos from a filthy disgusting pigs sty of a house that a one year old was finally rescued from! I couldn’t watch, Click, off it went! It’s insane the crap we’re fed over and over. I often listen while I toodle around in the kitchen. But who wants to watch or hear about a child suffering over and over again?…WHAT IS THE POINT I ASK!!! To totally desensitize the youth of North America! Hearing it just once embeds it in my heart!

All the young starlets that are picked on by paparazzi drives me insane too!! Leave them alone for cripes sake! Especially BACK OFF their children, they didn’t ask to be born into celebrity! Or to have cracked out parents either! How sad is this I ask! Way too friggin sad!

Then there is one little sweetie who has a wonderful artistic photo taken with her dad. A symbol of an innocent loving relationship! But people who’ve never experienced a good loving father daughter relationship are holding it up to scrutiny!! MY GOD has the COUNTRY GONE TOTALLY INSANE! My brother and my niece have the same kind of relationship; So did I with my dad! An innocent loving daddy relationship until the day he died. I could sit on his knee and cuddle even after I was married, not a soul thought it was odd, and many were jealous! Shame shame I say to those daring to judge something so precious and pure!

People who tend to complain about the same things over and over and never do a thing about it! That’s the definition of insanity! When they expect different results! Fix it already! Change your mind change your life!

People who refuse to be courteous drivers, the ones who never let you in when you signal for blocks!!! So darn frustrating and dangerous too! They need a spankin!

The blond haired bimbo on “The View” GET SOME LIFE EXPERIENCE WILL YA!….that’s all I have to say about that! Then quack all you want after that! Serve up that humble pie for that other one who always thought she knew it all!!! Welcome to the world of divorce. At least some of us attempted a longer kick at the can! Enjoy I say ENJOY the bite in the ass!

Those who complain about children and animals being too loud when they are in communal living situation! If you don’t like it, move somewhere quieter. When people live in close proximity there is bound to be some noise. Get over it! But If you hear abuse for heaven sake call 911!

I am so sick and tired of hearing on the News about another woman killed by her husband. Or father killing his kids!!! Do people seriously think women are lying when they say they THINK their husband might kill them. Or when they say they think he may kill the kids!!! BELIEVE THEM PEOPLE!!! BELIEVE THEM!! It probably took every bit of gumption to finally share their fears and yet it seems to fall on deaf ears! This is 2008 you’d think authorities could get that one right!

Okay I have read cult books since I was seventeen years old!! Why had they not done anything about that stupid polygamist cult sooner! That’s what it is, A CULT! Personally I don’t care if those men sleep with a hundred women and make them wash their smelly socks AND UNDERWEAR! But when you are a pedophile under the guise of religion, you need a butt kickin! When you use young boys as slave labor and young girls as baby makers, well I can’t even tell you how hot that makes me! It's NUTS I tell ya NUTS!

Why Is it that woman in power are always ostracized? It seems to always be that way! You’ve all read or heard this before. When a woman runs a company with authority she’s a bitch, but if a guy does it he’s great manager. That needs to change! Can you think of a powerful woman in your personal life that you detest?

Things that break down after owning them a short time!! Let's hold the manufacturers accountable for selling inferior products! Also why does everything have to be open so late... Close it down people...do we really need to shop until midnight most evenings! Can we not fit it in before then! Let's have a " TURN DOWN THE LIGHTS IN TOWN" campaign! The little guy trudges along trying to make a difference with his little green footprint, while big business burns brighter lights!

The very last rant....in a very long line of rants!..."MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!!!!" has been a bumper sticker on my car for years! They really do and " Big mean people make little mean people" another one also on my car!

So let's all have a happy Thursday Thirteen! Sorry if I riled anyone, but oh well, I feel better...tee hee!


Tammy said...

The blonde on the view is getting divorced? Didn't she just give birth?

Your rants were spot on...you go girl! HUGS

KaiBlueCreations said...

Back from Sedona and digging into your blog for some juicy and thoughtful reading..
I wish I could meet you sometime..
PEace, Kai xx

altermyworld said...

Stand up and roar woman!!!!! I agree, stop abusing our kids, stop making the little guy feel like their the ones always having to "turn off the lights" companies stand behind your product, lets make them accountable. OH for shits sake leave the little girl alone and her father. there was nothing wrong with that pic.
and YES MEAN people suck.....

Cookie said...


...and I like your art too!


Lucy said...

OHHHH how I agree with the green paragraphs, the orange, the purple... Wait... I could have written this I agree 1000%! You rant mamma, you have good reasons! Love ya! ♥

myrtle beached whale said...

Very entertaining rant. I see you have Lucinda Williams on your website. She is my favorite female vocalist. Incredible music. I see you play online Scrabble. I would love to play you sometime if you don't cheat. LOL I stopped playing because so many people cheat on there.

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