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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sunday Scribblings Night

Sunday Scribbling this weeks prompt is " My Nights"This is my falling angel I digitally drew for drawing day 08
Truly Night can be my bliss! I think I was a bat in another life. From childhood I loved the dark solace, moist air, twinkling stars, and solitude of Night! Not to mention the moon! Pepper has favorable memories of being awakened to walk in the new fallen snow well after midnight.As a teen I would escape from my bed to wander or just sit outside in the summer evenings that I adored. I'd sneak out in the dead of winter to deliver papers in the snow with a boy I liked. Some of my best creative moments awakened me out of a solid sleep in the wee hours before dawn! Night hours now rule me. Years of being summoned by the A.M.had dire affect.It's a choice I've lost, some nights I want to sleep and can't because of menopausal madness. The late calm has absconded with any semblance of routine the next day. Ruling whether I can function to my normal! The poem I wrote is about my youthful nights! Now it's self serve after eight pm, nothing physical accomplished after that hour either!

Midnight Maid

Worked eight hours, gone nine or ten

Labor at home, started then

Painted rooms, way into night

Like magic, working till morning light

I used to be the midnight maid

Night my solace, or quietude

All my troubles I could elude

Most nights I slept just four hours

Stayed up late to clean or scour

While I was the midnight maid

Years went by in this routine

Those nightly moments so serene

Then I crashed, not enough sleep

A virus, a death, I collapsed into a heap

No longer the midnight maid

Illness knocked on my back door

Housework, no choice but to ignore

Piles of laundry slowly done

Unsightly dust I had to shun

Gone was the midnight maid

Grief, anger, acceptance too

No longer did what I used to do

Weariness forced me to use the word “No”

Slept on demand, now weak and slow

I needed the midnight maid

Hastened days sadly changed

Life was now rearranged

Insane treadmill of life I’d been on

Dissipated, completely gone!

No more midnight maid


anthonynorth said...

It's certainly true that enjoyable nighttime activity declines with age.

Imelda/GreenishLady said...

What a story you tell in your poem. I'm glad you've left your time as a "midnight maid" behind you.

Like you, one of the times in my life when I did experience insomnia was that "menopausal madness"... If only I'd known what it was at the time, it might have been easier to handle!

Beautiful Witch said...

Very thought provoking. I am glad you are no more the midnight maid. I much prefer the image of you waking in the night to do creative things, or meet with friends. Love your artwork too!

Tammy said...

I miss my "midnight maid." This was a wonderful journey of your night's. I think if my life allowed I would go back. ;) HUGS

Love your illustrations as always!

keith hillman said...

I love being awake when everyone is asleep. I love to create in the middle of the night

Your poem was great - I really liked the rhythm you created.

Jennifer Hicks said...

do you ever think that there's a sensitivity to the light that inhibits creativity? I wonder if that's true for me...

(love the cover song on your side....truly beautiful...)

Lucy said...

I can just see you puttering away in the night like a merry little maid! Your poem was very moving, taking us from this merry little maid, to the acceptance of change and slowing down. So glad you creativity wasn't affected by daylight! :))
Love your falling angel & her sexy shoes! ( they match her polish!!) Love ya!

gautami tripathy said...

I like the digital drawing and your poem is so very enjoyable!


paisley said...

and i would have to say that being off the treadmill feels really good to me.. i am poor,, but far from unhappy....

cookie said...

Your angel is so pretty. I love her... and your poem.


myrtle beached whale said...

I could definitely use a midnight maid.

danni said...

that menopause stuff is another rite of passage, i guess, but such a bother - now i go to bed when i like and get up when it pleases me, and nobody has yet stolen the dirty laundry, dust muffins, or any of that other stuff that i used to get chuffed up about - really enjoyed this post, especially loved the angel boots!!!

forgetfulone said...

Wonderful poem. I'm sorry illness struck your midnight maid. Your drawings are really awesome. Do I sound like an overgrown teenager?

Tammie Lee said...

I enjoyed your the way you wrote of your childhood and life long night memories. So fun and interesting to see what this subject has brought up for people.

Your falling angel is fun. She looks in a perfect position for someone to catch her.

Your poem is wonderful, what a great cadence.

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