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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sundays Scribblings " Guide" and Birthday Wishes!


I like to publicly wish my fellow Gemini Artist Friends Violette and Nicci , a very Happy Birthday! May your creative life bring you fiscal Abundance, peace and joy! Both ladies are living an artful life, Violette has a book in the works soon to be published and Nicci is busy marketing her jewelry and doing commission work! I wish you both boat loads of success!

Prompt for Sunday Scribblings this week is " Guide"

" The Artist Way" guided me into self discovery and personal resolve in my less creative days! The book " Crazy Time" guided me through the darkest days during the divorce process! The following poem touches on my internal guides!


My heart guides me to love and joy

My mind can lead me astray

When thoughts meander in fear

Constitution guides me back to the fray

Faith channels me to believe

Sorrow forces me out of sync

Hope draws me back to my heart

When I feel most on the brink

Compassion guides me to kindness

While doubt leads into mistrust

A jolt from ethic and karma

Compels me to do what is just!

Love guides me to feel generous

Austerity chokes me in a prudent haze

Consoled by Creative endeavors

Guided out of my dankest phase

Trust captures my attention

When resolve saunters on in

Contentment cozies with love

Joy bangs the drums to begin


Lucy said...

Beautiful poem summarizing what I 'tried ' to write.
Happy Birthday to your buddies. xo

Tammy said...

Our past does mess with our present but as long as we have love we can have joy. Beautiful Sherrie! xxoo

Alberta & Ava said...

What a WONDERFUL post! And I love, love, love the illustration!!! What a coincidence: my nieces gave me The Artist's Way for Mother's Day, and I had decided this very morning to start using it today. You have further inspired me.


danni said...

such a loving and caring set of guides - they make you beautiful!!!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful poem - such wisdom and grace. xoxox

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