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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Uncle Floyd Laycock

My mothers sister Lil and her husband Floyd Married fifty years
This Poem was written upon the death of my uncle. He was very closely linked to my childhood, although often in the background of my life, he was a constant. His death affected me more than I ever thought possible. The last relative to die in a tightly knit clan he was a pivotal part of my childhood living in North Vancouver. I chose not to visit him before his death for selfish reasons. I wanted to preserve the precious memories of him, unscathed by the horrors of a deteriorating body. A quiet man , my maternal aunt's husband was always admired from afar. His daughters found my dad to be more jovial and affectionate, their father was a little less demonstrative, appearing to have a colder demeanor. Still he was a wonderfully loving and kind father. He adored his wife of fifty years, their mother, and his life came to demise soon after her cancer death.
My moms best friend Sherry (I'm her name sake)
Uncle Floyd, Aunt Lil

in Hawaii , Mom took the photo
Saturday as I nibbled on a few raspberries from the flat we bought for raspberry pie, both Pepper and I were reminded of Uncle Floyd's huge raspberry bush crowded with delicious plump berries. Every summer as a child I'd play tea party by mashing them up to serve on soda crackers. While my cousin Susan tortuously forced her black cat Cindy to join the fun by dressing her up in doll clothes.

Uncle Floyd always had a garden chocked full of delicious treats , his gentle affection towards animals was honorable. He had a docile old mutt named Toby.
When Toby’s health began failing my uncle Floyd tried to have him put down. Witnessing Floyd sobbing profusely while he confessed his inability to let Toby go, the vet Compassionately ordered Floyd to take the dog home. Offering to pick the dog up when the time was right!
Aunt Lil, Uncle Floyd and Sherry moms life long best friend

As a child I always knew there was more to Uncle Floyd than appeared on the surface. He was a real mans man and I remember his friend Alfie Day would visit. There was another guy who would sometimes visit when I was there, he was so loud and obnoxious I never understood why they were friends, I think his name was Jackson. Anyway this poem has been in my archives for years now! Lately my cousin has intuitively popped into my head. I just can't eat a raspberry without thinking of my uncle Floyd!

I'm hoping one day his children and grandchildren will Google search his name and find this little treasure.
Infallible Floyd
I remember a man, of very few words
Seldom seen, and rarely heard
He puttered around, getting things done
His garden being, the biggest one
When he spoke, with raspy deep voice
It filled the air, and you listened by choice
I remember a tender man, a phenomenal host
Dapperly dressed, compared to most
With a snorting laugh, a joke was enjoyed
He loved a good meal, my uncle Floyd
He cherished his animals, this soft gentle soul
For all the strays, he’d fill a large bowl
He cuddled with kittens, and walked his dogs
Built feeders for birds, and watched us catch frogs
When an animal passed, he’d shed many a tear
He enjoyed watching sports, and having a beer
He’d curse the TV when his team couldn’t score
When they finally made goal, he’d let out a roar
I remember a man, who loved his family so much
A demonstrative approach, was not quite his touch
Yet in his eyes, the pride shone right through
For his girls, his grandchildren, his son-in laws too
I remember a man, whose politics were strong
Passive aggressive he refused to be wrong
A human frailty upon which he would stumble
Some days were grumpy and he would grumble
Awkward at times and stiff when he danced
If friends needed help, he’d jump at the chance
In his tidy garage, he loved to putter
He loved salt on cheese and lots of butter
It’s amazing how things, can go unsaid
Yet all of the memories stay in your head

Sadly missed by family


Alberta and Ava said...

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul. To have loved and to have been loved by such a man is indeed a blessing.

Mary Timme said...

It is beautiful. But, I'm not surprised. You are very talented. I'm sorry he is gone. He sounds like a great man.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Oh they look so happy. stop by and pick up a few things I have for you. thanks.

artbrat said...

I love reading your words because they cut straight through. You wrote them about your uncle, but when I read them, I think of some of my family that fits the descriptions.

You were lucky to have had such a man in your life. Your tribute to him is heartfelt and beautiful.

Lucy said...

aww Sherrie, this is so sweet and written from the heart. Poor Uncle Floyd, so sorry he is gone from your life. Just listing his likes like that, reinforces..
gee life is too damn short.
Is there any way you could send this sweet poem to his kids?
(the pics are great)

Barbara Doduk said...

That was a beautiful tribute.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

B @ The Love Blog

Tammy said...

I love how you encapsulated your memories of your uncle in a poem. It is a lovely tribute for all to read for years to come.


Anonymous said...

Your so wonderful with words. Memories can mean so much. This is a outstanding post. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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