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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unconscious mutterings, Jaynas Angel # 9

Jaynas Angel #9 Precious

Fills her purse with joy. A bit timid she hides behind pretty clothes. She likes to step out into the world but is extremely cautious waiting for that perfect moment. Pretty content she much prefers time alone! I can relate!

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Loneliness ::dissipated the moment I lost the ball and chain!
  2. Traffic :: never bothers me, longer to listen to music, I'm a courteous driver.
  3. Chaos ::Not in my realm, I'm a peace lover and avoid it at all costs
  4. Burp ::Spontaneous
  5. 500 ::I will walk five hundred miles ….The Proclaimers
  6. Movie ::anything Adam Sandler or Mike Myers
  7. Coma ::Many people walk around in one….sad really!
  8. Bark :: Grumpy people seems to bark at everything!
  9. Stare ::the way I disciplined my daughter when she was little
  10. Angelina ::looks like my niece!


paisley said...

i constantly seem to avoid chaos,, and yet it seems at this precise moment in time anything i do that will add flavor to my life,, will bring chaos with it... so i have decided to open myself up to the possibility that chaos is equivalent to change,, and in order for me to change,, i must seek it out....

Tammy said...

As I was waiting for your page to load I saw Jaynas #9 and thought of you!

I enjoy when you mutter. ;)


Cookie Sunshine said...

Pretty, pretty....okay, now I am going to ask you how to put that pretty wallpaper on your background.

I like that it is much easier to reply to your comments. I've already seen several things that are much easier by being back on blogger. (plus I'm saving cash)


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