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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'd rather be blogging!

I fully intended on posting a Thursday thirteen with thirteen things in my house all different hues of one color! My dirty fridge beckoned me, and the freezer had some shrimp thawing making stink stink! So I needed to go through that mess of crap...Gee I wish I was more diligent about those tasks.

Since I started eating vlassic pickles I really haven't been able to eat Bicks brand, they're way too soft in comparison. I love the crunch of the vlassic they remind me of the pickles my mom and aunt used to can when I was a kid! Something I never do is put old pickles that have been sitting out, back in the jar, but I think someone did. Sure enough my costco size jar of neglected Bicks had some kind of white mung floating like a thick cloud of mold on it. So gross...how did I not notice it sitting on the door of the fridge I wonder? Well if that's not airing my dirty fridge cooties I don't know what is! Truthfully it's not a fun job and I now know why it doesn't get done often....it's because I'D RATHER BLOG!

On a nicer note, Mimi gave me a friendship award, as one of her vixen friends. I don't think of myself as a vixen more as a goddess, however I have been known in my past to be a bit of a vixen! I guess that wild side lays dormant now! I love the illustration of that award and feel honored that Mimi mentioned me! Thanks again Mimi.... you may know Mimi from the peace blog initiative, she started this bi annual event as well as the message in a bottle too!

So all my vixen blogging friends, and you know who you are......Queensize, Lucy, even sweet Gemma may have a bit of rebel in there!! Take this award ladies you deserve it as well!

If any of you are informations junkies like I am then you will love this website called TED it's information worth spreading. Check it out! You'll probably get as mesmerized as I do there!

Dear Keith over at Keith's Ramblings friend asked him why he blogs. To read his answer you can go here! Had I been asked that when I first started blogging the answer would be totally different than it is today! This was my comment on his post in hopes his friend may read it!

I think blogging is the intimate outlet so many of us crave. For people to know our inner workings. To attract like minded souls, so we feel less alone in our uniqueness! I also think it's a way of preserving our mortality. Am I getting too deep here! I think it's special people who blog, it fills a wonderful void. It's a great way to connect! Plus it's really really fun to write...if you love writing that is! There is another aspect to blogging, it's a form of self discovery. I challenge anyone not to learn something new about themselves after they start blogging! It just happens!! That's why I love blogging, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Plus I f$%king hate cleaning mung out of the fridge!!

Just think I was contemplating leaving blogging to concentrate on more serious writing and art too! But I'd probably just have to clean the fridge more often, blah!


Alberta and Ava said...

Please never leave blogging! I would miss your art and writing too much. "You are one of the "like-minded" who uniqueness I look forward to reading about every day!

Sioux said...

Blogging...I love it. I agree with everything you said, Sherrie! All the friends I met, like you, and keep in contact with...people of would never have met otherwise.

Here's to bloggerland!!!!!

Janet said...

We must be sisters!! I would much rather be blogging than cleaning the house any day. I loved your comment about it at the bottom. I agree with you....even though I don't think of myself as a writer.

I think the award is cute but I don't get where the vixen part is! And once again like you, I did my share of vixen-y stuff in my younger days!

Now I'm off to check my pickle jars. I'm sure they must be growing something secret inside!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think when stuff has been in the frig too long it should learn how to throw itself out!

forgetfulone said...

Cleaning the fridge is a really dreaded chore! Your idea for Thursday Thirteen sounds cool. I'm looking forward to reading it next week (hint, hint). Congrats on your friendship award.

Gemma said...

EMailing you a new Maxine Household tip I got today. Thank you for the beautiful award.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!!! Congratulations on the award! You said it perfectly.Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself and with the support of others that you can receive online. It just means more then words can say. It's a connection that is sooo deep. you just said it wonderfully!!!

Anonymous said...

Sherrie - what an interesting and varied post! I loved the comment you left under my post about why we blog. It was actually longer than my article and far more deep and meaningful. You are a treaure!

Mary Timme said...

Blogging is fun! I had no idea when I started how much I'd enjoy it. Who does before they start! Those who haven't and don't want to can be quiet as it is a perfectly good option, don't you think?

Lucy said...

okay.. I have so much to say.. First of all when I read this quickly yesterday and didn't get time to comment.. I then HAD to go buy F$%#ing PICKLES and couldn't wait to come home and crunch them Okay!! So there is that!....

Your comment on Keiths blog was RIGHT ON baby! I couldn't have come up with that reply but reading your words, YOU really sum it all up Sher!!
Next... THAT GOLD color font Is The PERFECT color for my salon walls!

For ONE day only, blogger gave me a choice of colors above my posting text box.. Now it's gone??!! What is up with that? I wish I could change each paragraph like this!

Congrats on the friendship award! and THANKS so much for passing it on to me. I would like to be a vixen too! but I can't remember what the hell a vixen is. Is it a reindeer? Or a tramp? I can manage the latter but am clueless on flying through the air attached to a sled.
I can't wait to find time to post both of your sweet awards to me.
I will check out TED. And YES blogging is better than cleaning MUNK? is that what you called it? from the fridge! YULK.. I used to clean it out thoroughly each week before food shopping... BOY those days are gone! who has the time?
I would rather be blogging anyday!
speaking of stinking up the fridge.. I bought GIANT pkg. of pork chops from costco, only made 1/2, put the rest in
the fridge when i should have froze them.. Tonight... OMG.. the stink from rancid PoRK was killer! MORE wastefulness from forgetful Lulu!
I sent you an ecard and it never alerted that you got it.. I think I put a dot instead of the @ symbol again. I will resend. xoxo

Laume said...

Blogging, or other computer tasks, is the main reason I don't get a lot of household tasks done on a regular basis. Sigh. Speaking of refrigerators, mine was so dirty that last week I had it taken away and a new one put in it's place. Well, okay, so it wasn't just because it was dirty (although it was), it was also started to get philosophical about keeping things cold - sometimes doing it's job, other times forgetting to. But it was rather nice to start fresh with a brand new fridge all shiny and unbroken and clean. Tossed a lot of the old condiments and now I even have room in it even though it's slightly smaller than the old one. And waaaaay more energy efficient, so I can feel good about it.

forgetfulone said...

I have an award for you!

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