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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Violette's Book Journal Bliss

I am over the moon about my friend Violette's book "Journal Bliss" Creative prompts to unleash your inner eccentric, coming out April 29th, 2009 which happens to be my brothers birthday!! You can pre order at Amazon here!

It's such a thrill to share in a friends success! When I saw the wonderful book cover
splashed with green and purple I was so excited I could cry! Violette has been my biggest inspiration! Although I have always been creative in my everyday life, with decorating, baking, sewing and crocheting, I never tried my hand at painting canvas, or drawing until I met Violette. She encouraged me to do an art journal and blog.She even asked my to do a write up for a pamphlet listing me as an artist. Since then I have referred to myself as one! It's because of her I started this blog, which has lead me on a journey of creative self discovery! If you look back to my first blog posts it's not hard to see how far I've come. Practice being the key!

On a personal level, if you're ever in a room with Violette you too would be inspired. I've witnessed her excitement and passion inspire even the most reserved personality. She wants us to find and experience our individual gift, whatever that may be! This bohemian goddess, art guru just wishes us all the best in living our own personal dream and unleashing our inner eccentric!

If you haven't checked out Violette's blog yet you can find her daily musings here!


Gemma said...

I am so excited too Sherrie. Violette is so talented and such an inspiration to so many of us!!!!
She deserves every success!!! Can't wait to get this book.

Lucy said...

love your expression 'over the moon'!
HOW exciting this news is! I can't wait to check it out on Amazon, and If it's in my budget.. I am reserving a copy!
Love how whimsical the cover is Sher! if Violette is responsible for inspiring you, then she is one of my new favorite bloggers! I will check her out.

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