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Monday, August 04, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings, #288

 This weeks unconscious mutterings week # 228!
They say....I think

  1. Crankiness ::intolerable, just as whining is too!
  2. Backpack :: is a nemesis to children, too many heavy text books cause future long term back issues! A bone of contention with me!
  3. Clone ::Rhymes with one of my favorite words....hone!
  4. High ground ::I like to stay on high ground when it comes to dissension.Sometimes difficult when you see injustice!
  5. Dreams :: Are always on my mind, of creativity, abundance, and joy!
  6. Lovingly :: I look at what I have with so much gratitude, knowing I am lucky woman despite the adversity I have faced in the past.
  7. Mistake ::I have made many but know it's possible to be turned into something positive
  8. Carson ::Daly looks odd since he lost so much weight. I prefer him meatier, his face looks too long now!
  9. Errand :: When I was a child I walked to the store for a neighbor because her own child refused. Upon return her daughter got a pop cycle and I got nothing! That kind of thing happened to me a lot!
  10. Dozen :: Eggs is something I always have in the fridge, my daughter has over a dozen new relatives since she got married in February ! We've been enjoying all of them this past weekend!


forgetfulone said...

Great mutterings! And congrats on the BFF award!

Lucy said...

congrats on the gold Card Sherrie!
You deserve every praise out there for your fun,creative, moving blog!
I like your U.M. answers!
I did mine yesterday, but haven't posted them yet.
(btw.. my google reader is working again since I downloaded a new browser. My son recommended Camino, and so far it seems okay. )

Sandra Evertson said...

Great blog!

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