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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meg Morgans Dolls and fabric art

I had such a fabulous weekend....bad knee and all!!
I went to the Annual Langley Street Art festival! Wandering to each tent as the perspiration dripped off my face. I felt like a was literally melting!
I felt sorry for some of the vendors facing the sun in the scorching heat!
Lookie here at Meg Morgan with her fabric dolls! I was so mesmerized by the workmanship and personality in these dolls. I stood in absolute awe. Meg was so friendly! I really think her dolls have souls, I can just feel it. Check out that mermaid doll she is holding and how it's peering at her! Later with Meg's permission I tried to take an individual photo, but the mermaid kept spinning, making it near impossible to capture a picture. I have a friend much the same. She will sabotage' her pictures by making funny faces! It was almost freaky as I tried to snap the mermaids photo, I was laughing to myself and asking her to stop spinning. It's not as though there was a gust of wind that day, even though I would have welcomed it!
So many unique dolls! In the image above Meg holds a dragon
on her shoulder, made from a bra!

Look at this one with her nose in the air, so much detail. I wished I'd asked Meg the right questions, but others gathered to talk as I snapped the photos!
This sweet one didn't capture well, shy I suppose!
Meg looks to be holding Santa...void of his reindeer's,
he's so cute, he can come to my house anytime!
The colors and workmanship, just phenomenal!
A true artist with amazing talent!These two are great posers!
Add a few pounds to the one in pink and it could be me!

More dolls with spunk! Stay with me I am saving the best for last!

This Gal reminds me of a doll I made and hung in my kitchen in the seventies!! After ten years of collecting dust I threw it out. Those days before internet when I didn't have a tribe of like minded artists around me! Sadly I would create something and my mother would make a derogatory comment, instantly I would feel inferior. Had it been today, the online support for my quirky art endeavors would have inspired me!
This is the stubborn mermaid I'm sure she has a name. I'll have to email Meg and ask, then post it! After about nine photos, none showing her face I got this!
Now doesn't she look annoyed with me?

This princess with the pointy ears sat pensively as I photographed her a few times! She almost looks bored, I think she was just too darn hot! Especially in those long sleeves!
Now these two were competing to see who is the biggest Diva!
One charmed the camera with her sweet pose. The other had her nose in the air!
Which I suspect is a regular occurrence with her!
This rebellious blue lady is full of mischief!
You can tell she stays just under the radar of her creator!
This is Alma (I think thats her correct name) the Marketing manager, Pepper standing behind her! She is a sage old soul and really knows how to draw the people in! She's fabulous, and a wonderful way to end my post on Meg Morgans dolls!

Unfortunately Meg doesn't have a website, however her card was titled Pennyfeather's Artisans, Dolls and fabric art! You can email her at bluebluemaggie@hotmail.com
I'm sure she'd be thrilled to hear her dolls are featured here!


Janet said...

Wow....the dolls are great! You can just see the playfulness in Meg's smile. She looks like such a happy person and who wouldn't be if they were surrounded by such beauties all the time. Alma is fantastic! And I like the mermaid, too. What a fun day you had even if it was hot!!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Creations like that are alive, they pop and speak to you. I can see the personalities in each and every one. Thanks for the chance to admire Megs passion.

Mimi Lenox said...

Wonderful smiles all around. Lovely!

I have something for you at the castle...Perfect Blend of Friendship

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

These are all amazing dolls, I love to see how an artist interprets their characters. You're right, they do have souls and they do have personalities....and always, always(for me anyway) they have a backstory. I wonder what Alma's is.
So glad you shared these photos.


Kai said...

Aloha Sherri,
wow, well as an Ocean Addict, I'm right into the mermaid!! She rocks the planet!! teehee (they all do but I love her best..)
thanks so much for being a sweetie and sharing!!
PEace, Kai xxx

Mary Timme said...

I felt right there, and that mermaid does look like she isn't the happiest of campers. Tech! Surley mermaids are just not fashionable, but she really didn't want to be 'caught' did she?

Lucy said...

Sherrie, Like you, I had a stocking 'floozy' doll and when I moved into my house.. I Gave it away to a kid who was helping us move! I could kick myself now, too! It was so funny and VEry large like the cute mermaid! She had fish net stockings and a sexy teddy on! A client made them, and i remember she charged 50.00 for it. I so wish I still had her to share with you.
Your town has THE best shopping booths I've ever seen!
Megs work is amazing.

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