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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quirky things about me Meme

Quirks are a symptom of imperfection...therefore I don't think I have any! tee hee! JK
Tammy at Queen sized funny bone and Di at Forgetful one tagged me for a Quirks about me meme!

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you.

Mention the rules.

Tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.

Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.

Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.

If you participate, let the person who tagged you know you've posted your quirks!

When you’ve had a blog for over two years it’s pretty hard to find something quirky you haven’t shared with your visitors! I'm a card carrying narcissistic Quirkazoid (Quirky alone) who relishes my differences!! But of course I wouldn't want to label myself! Truth be known I couldn't wait to do this one....hope it doesn't sound like a rant!!

Quirky things about me are.....

I water down each glass of juice and really don’t like fizzy drinks. On occasion I’ll drink a pop with lots of ice. I like ice in my drinks….especially the stinky kind with chicken drippings on them….you know the ones that have been in peoples freezer a million years and they only use them for company….the kind that smells and taste like freon….you know the shriveled ones that they apologize for because they’ve become so deformed they’re doubting if it’s really ice!! Yeah those kind….the poisonous ones….those are the kind I put in my drinks…..NOT!!!! I SMELL MY ICE CUBES PEOPLE!! Fresh is best!!

I use at least five dish clothes a day if not more. Mostly more….because if I am in doubt I pull a new one out!!! Nothing grosses me out more than going to someone house that only has one dishcloth…and it’s black but used to be yellow. It freaks me out when I ask if they have a fresh dishcloth and they say no! I have on occasion smelled it,then gagged! Toxic little treasures like that scare me worse than doggie doo doo or cats on the counter! Don’t even get me started with the dish towels…same same!!! Don’t put them over your shoulder people….yuck…. your hair carries dandruff and all sorts of goodies I just don’t want on my plate!!!

I don't like fruity smells for perfumes or bathing! Fruit is for eating and for children's bubble bath! I like spicy perfumed bath stuff...I smell all my shampoos before I buy them...if they don't have the right smell then can't live at my house....that would go for men too!!! Yeah I'm starting to think I have a smell phobia!!.

I hate dirty finger nails; on me, or on anyone else! Don’t even come in my house with them. I will jump all over it!! Probably hand you a nail clipper, unless of course it’s acrylic paint. That’s totally acceptable, consider them enhanced…it’s not dirt! Now chipped nail polish…..well that warrants banishment! I always have painted toes nail, but haven’t painted my finger nails for years! Don't ask...it just goes along with my hand fetish!

I admit I could be a hypocrite....now if that's not quirky I don't know what is...Who admits that!! Even though I am a glitter girl….I don’t like glitter all over my house, my rugs, my floors, my couches. I am more of a glitzy girl who likes glittery things like jewelry, bright colored lights, and crystals. Not necessarily dry glitter that attaches to everything in it’s midst and doesn’t leave for months. I used to hide the glitter when Pepper was little to be used in my presence only…but don’t tell my glitter girl group! I may be excommunicated! Sometimes I can be persuaded to use glitter in glue…but I’m not an addict!

I have two fuzzy purple queen sized blankets, in the winter I sleep on one, and cover myself with the other…. That’s just what I do….I have no one to answer to in my king-sized bed. Weird I know!

The quirkiest thing of all is I actually think this is normal!!!

I'm Tagging

Lucy at Lulu's Petals ....cuz she's sooo funny!

Janet at A Lavender Loft cuz she was a lot like me when she was young, so I know she has some hidden quirks!

Gemma at A Desert Garden cuz I know there is some quirkiness in there hankering to get out!

Keith at Keith's Ramblings because I love English humor and can't wait to hear his quirks

Ava and Alberta at Amusing Muses because they will probably create an interesting collage out of it!

Lastly Lisa, A Whimsical Bohemian because you just have to see the post with Coco, it's amazing what she did with a three dollar flea market beauticians practice head! Just go and see it!!! She is an amazing artist..I am blown away by what she did!


Alberta and Ava said...

This meme IS fun! It will be even more fun for us to do it together. And we are quirky! I am exactly like you about manicures vs. pedicures, and chipped fingernail polish is enough for me to have a nervous breakdown over (probably why I DON'T polish my fingernails). Re: HOPE collage: I should have said "that" instead of "the" and my s could have been better placed, but I was pleased with my background.

Heather said...

You smell your ice? Veeeery interesting. I never thought to. But now I'm going to try it because it never occurred to me that ice might not be 'fresh'.

This was a very cute meme!!!

Kai said...

LOL@your quirks Ms Sherrie, I'm freaky about my ice cubes too..
Im glad you tagged the quirkiest people on the planet, can I add one more? Tag Coco, because I bet she knows about Lisa's quirks.. :)
Peace, Kai xxx

Mary Timme said...

Everyone has quirks. I'm telling my DH that some people not only insist on clean towels and dishcloths everday like I do, but some several times a day. He can then be thankful he has me. Ha! Ha!! Nah, he can!

Tricia said...

Hahaha......I share most of those quirks with you!
Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

forgetfulone said...

Fabulous! I'm so glad you did this meme. Not only DID the meme, but took it and ran with it! It was fun reading about all your quirkiness. I hate smelly ice, too, and would prefer not to have ice in my drink because I am really sensitive to smells. I should have put that I would rather use a straw, too.

forgetfulone said...

I took the line out of your name! You silly, giggly girl! LOL

Cookie Sunshine said...

I'm with you on the dishtowels. I laughed about the fingernails because mine are always filled with paint. The purple blankets..were you a big Donny Osmond fan?

Hugs and good wishes for a very happy week.


Sioux said...

Love this meme, Sherrie!! And I agree with just about everything...I do hate a stinky dish rag and that old ice. We have an icemaker in the fridge door, so new ice is being made all the time, and I love it.

Love you, girl!!!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL If Quirks are a symptom of imperfection then I'm in trouble. I sure do have alot of them. Kewl meme! :) Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

Lucy said...

I don't understand this meme giggs... What in the world is quirky about your answers??
haha two peas in a manicured pod!
I bet you do this too... I use a SEPARATE washable dish cloth to clean out the sink. When friends help out and go to wash my dishes for me I FREAKOUT and yell STOP.. if they use the one that has cleaned the sink! (can't believe they still offer help!)
thanks for tagging me.. maybe I should just copy and paste yours?! although I DON'T have a fuzzy purple blanket, but I would love one! xo

Cookie Sunshine said...

Dear Giggles,
I just received a little award and am told I need to pass it on....Guess what! :-)
Please visit my blog when you get a moment and pick up your prize!
Hugs and love,

Janet said...

I'm really late getting here but better late than never!! I'll do this meme in the next few days or as soon as I think of some quirky habits I have!

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