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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings 289

Unconscious Mutterings

They say--- I think!
  1. Month to month :: I pay my bills reluctantly!
  2. Adjusted :: To living with less, and finagling a budget!
  3. Prank :: is not something I find humor in! Unless it's on someone else!
  4. Mop :: I loved my mop of hair in the seventies and eighties!
  5. Clarity :: I search daily for clarity... and memory!
  6. Parenting :: comes easy to me, respect and love reciprocated! and the fear of karma!
  7. Glenn :: A handsome boyfriend I flaunted at thirteen, to prove to others I was worthy! I actually thought of John Glenn first! The other Glenn was hotter!
  8. Fingerprint ::Everyone.....if you're not guilty, why worry!
  9. Pineapple ::Gelato is my favorite ice cream, one of my favorite flavors I should eat it more! (Looks at hips...maybe not)
  10. Attorney :: cost me some fiscal freedom now, but bought me an emotionally healthy child!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

It's so fun to see how everyone mutters diffferently to these promps. Great answers Sher! Just wanted to let you know I did your meme. Quirks were somehow not too difficult to think of.
haha thanks for the tag. xo

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