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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flower and a Meme

This is one of the two paintings I've done on the Canvas a woman in the fabric store gave me. I need honest opinions please......I didn't plan for it to look seasonal...but when I finished , I realized it looks a bit Christmasy! I have another flower that isn't, so just let me know how you see it! She gave me carte Blanche, I need to varnish the piece, then I'll give her a choice. I think she plans on embellishing it with stitching and sewing it into a pillow! The background shows up slightly pinker in person.

This one is all about shopping meme.....please join in then let me know!

I'm not a shopping Goddess like I was in the past. Instead I fill my time with creativity. It's frustrating to shop on a budget when you're being lured in by pretty things. Especially when your bank account is say " Back off " you should pay your bills!

1. Where is your favorite place to shop? Winners (in Canada) because they have awesome quality products for a good price, Shoppers drug mart because they have the accumulated point system. Right now I have seventy five dollars in points that I can spend on items. Last year Pepper spent one hundred fifty dollars in point and got a free radio, cd player for her bedroom. Of course I love all the art stores and Michaels, even though I find it overwhelming because there are so many art products I know nothing about!

2. Would you rather shop on-line or in the stores? I haven’t bought anything on line yet, I think I may like it though. There are real deals to be had, and now that I have successfully received art from a few bloggers, I trust it more! Not for clothes though, which I always need to try on!

3. If you needed new undergarments, but you saw something that you didn’t really need, but just wanted, which would you buy? To be honest I HAVE....but mostly when I need undergarments….it’s a priority….above all, I can’t stand holey underwear or socks….my daughter it the queen of undergarments….since I told her the story of my mom having to wear my dads underwear during the depression because of a shortage of elastic, she has had an over abundance of underwear to the point of absurdity!

4. What really annoys you about other shoppers? I mostly ignore others when I’m shopping, but if they ran into my legs with a shopping cart, that annoys me. Misbehaved children annoy me to! If parents are nasty to their children, yelling or swearing at them in public. Even when they embarrass them it's very uncomfortable for me!

5. Have you ever got up to the checkout stand and had a ton of stuff in your cart and after they rang everything up you realized you didn’t have your money, check book, debit card, or credit cards? Not that I can remember...sometime my debit hasn't worked, that always sucks!!

6. If you buy something that isn’t necessary or something just for fun do you feel like you have to justify it to yourself or your partner? I used to when I was young and married. I do now because I am on a tight budget and need to concentrate on paying bills over and above all else. But there was a 20 year stint where I could do and buy whatever I wanted....I was still frugal though!

7. Do you hide those unnecessary things for awhile and then later claim you’ve had them for a long time? When I was married I would sometimes hide the bills, but I also saved lots of money at that point in my life. Now I am proud to say just keep it in the bag! When I was young they never inquired whether you wanted the bill in your purse….but now they do!


Lucy said...

cute meme Sher! Love your answers. You try so hard to give us the most honest response. As for your beautiful green flower! So vivid! so 3 dimensional! I didn't think christmas at all UNTIL you mentioned it, and Now, yes... I am seeing christmas. but it's still real purty!! It looks like silky material and not canvas.
wish I could touch it.

Alberta and Ava said...

When I first looked at this flower, I thought,"That would look great on a pillow!" Well, truthfully I thought, "That would look great on a pillow on the black wicker sofa on MY screen porch!" I love it and I love the colors. It has a Christmassy look to it, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it all year because I have so much red and green in my home.

Thank you for always being so encouraging. Reading your blog isone of the high points of my day and your comments are always uplifitng and funny! I only wish we were closer geographically so we could share our art in person.


Kai said...

Aloha Sherri,
what an insightful meme, I think it hits home for a lot of us with more month then money!!
PEace, Kai xx

gary rith said...

the painting looks good to me!
and misbehainvg children? It is when they SNEEZE all over me that I get a little miffed....

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I love the flower and if they did a quilted type embellishment it would pop. How old were you when the painting really took hold?

Charlie said...

I did not think your flower looked Christmas ish until you said something. I can see it but it does not matter. The colors are fabulous.
Love all your answers to these ???
I used to hide my purchases from my hubby when we were poor....now I don't have to but at the same time I don't buy as much as I used to either.

forgetfulone said...

I didn't think Christmas till you mentioned it, but I still don't necessarily think it looks Christmasy. I love it! My daughter's favorite colors, too.

I can't believe you've never bought anything online! I prefer it, except when I need to try something on such as jeans or pants, and especially for non-clothing items. I just wish shipping was faster. I saw that Queenie did this meme, too. It's cute!

Tammy said...

I see spring and summer. It's beautiful!

Love the elastic underwear fetish. lol


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