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Monday, September 08, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings
I say......You think
  1. House ::my solace, a place of love and joy which needs some maintenance.
  2. Think :: Too much, every moment I am awake, rarely quiet this o brain of mine
  3. Clot ::I worry about phlebitis because my grandmother died of it.
  4. Believe me:: it has taken many years and I am finally teachings others how to treat me. I haven’t always had the greatest boundaries. I’m working on it!
  5. Fumigation :: I saw two flying ants in my house at different times this summer. I’m wondering if they snuck through my window screens, or through the void weather stripping, and whether I should feel alerted.
  6. Bore ::is never for me, I need mental stimulation 24/7. If you are a bore, then you need to stay clear of me!
  7. Luck ::is on my side because I am a WINNER!!
  8. Patient ::I am an extremely patient person, beyond most. I’ve been known to wait in my car forever for the kids. I draw, write and listen to music to pass the time.
  9. Tremors :: are always scary!
  10. Pickles ::Vlasic are the only way to go now, preferably dill with garlic!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Garlic pickles make you half Italian.

Lucy said...

great mutterings sweetie! I like how positive it reads on so many words!

( i think you didn't link again Sher)
join the forgetful club! xo

Clara said...

Love your mutterings. And I agree on Vlasic pickles - but I like sweet midgets.

Sisifo said...

traveling in the web of the past are here
beautiful flowers
I leave you a saluto.Sisifo

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