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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why I blog!

Lucy asked me to write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected me either positively or negatively.

I’m sure I did this one already. But because I’m a Gemini I’m sure my other twin self wouldn’t mind participating! Please join me in doing this meme, I'm always interested in reading the answers!

1 Blogging reintroduced me to a childhood passion of writing regularly. I wrote a lot of poetry as a kid. A teacher asked me to write and perform a song for Beowulf my high school Play. I couldn't even remember the words or tune if I tried.

2. I have accumulated a large body of poetry, and more writing discipline since blogging. Editing can be an embarrassment If I write late at night. I'm mortified the next day to see all the blatant mistakes. Surprisingly it doesn’t chase people away!

3.My mind is forced to expand as I search for different things to post. I have no interest or time to be drawn into petty dalliances. Instead I’m always looking for authenticity, intimacy, creativity, spirit, humor, substance and fun!

4 I look forward to blogging, enjoy the mystery of it too! Never knowing where it’s headed! Friends with blogs inspire me, support me, and I feel like I know them because many posts are extremely intimate. It’s taken me down a wider creative path, introduced me to so many like minded individuals. I can’t even imagine my life without it!

5 The negatives could be turned into positives. I’ve had to learn some HTML, the positive is,,,,I have learned some HTML and other types of formatting, which can take hours and hours out of your life. I think I AM getting to be a computer nerd. It's filled a void during times when I have been physically restricted. Like Lucy, my housework suffers… I look at it this way, if you die at least you have left something of yourself to read…who cares if your house is perfect! I’ve been there and done that for YEARS AND YEARS LIKE A CRAZY PERSON! Now I am a computer nerd…who really cares! Besides there are three adults living in this house, if we all do a bit… then it gets done!


forgetfulone said...

And we're so glad you do blog! I loved your answers.

Janet said...

I, for one, am very glad you blog!! I always know that I'll find something interesting here, and many times it's something that I can relate to personally.

Housework will always wait for you! I know mine does!!

Cookie Sunshine said...

ditto what they said...

You bring a perspective to the blogging community that is very unique and personal. If you were not here there would be a huge empty hole in the bloggisphere...it wouldn't work quite right without you. You belong here.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

well, there you go, but really: what a cute kitty on the tee in your drawing!

Tammy said...

You spirit shines so brightly that kindred spirits are drawn to you. ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you blog too! What a lovely positive bunch of comments. You deserve every one of them. Lucy tagged me too ( the little devil!) and mine is now up for all to see.

Lucy said...

BOY can I use a pajama day giggles!
i just love your art mama!
your answers as always are thought out and articulated puurrfectly!
glad you mentioned the lack of house cleaning so I don't feel like the only slob! haha
You should be so proud of knowing that html crap, ooops I mean blather. That stuff makes me nuts!
I STILL never was able to send the globe!
thanks for doing this tag

Sioux said...

Love your reasons for blogging. I have another...I am meeting people from all over the world. Thanks to blogging I have met your family!

Love you, Sherrie!

LadyTulip said...

>>> It is so good that you DO blog!! <<<<

I'm always so cheerful after I read what you have to "say" -- thanx for being available for everybody!!

~~ An' I just love those little slippers!! ~~


CattyCat said...

You are lucky you know why you blog. I wish I understood why I do not blog without ultimately deleting it all only to start over then wishing I hadn't done it down the road. I am glad you blog because I always love comeing here and seeing your latest art. I may not post, but I lurk regularly.

Gemma said...

Love you Sherrie!! Your words, your art and the choice of music you have playing at your blog home.
Be back tomorrow for coffee!

Jez said...

Like Sioux's comment, blogging has introduced me to people all over the world, and helped me through the bad times of the cancer op. people are so supportive. I'm glad you blog. I find it hard to do the very personal stuff on my own blog - and somehow I am more open about this when I comment on your posts, so thank you. Keep blogging.

Jez said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. And yes, with your talent you really have to get an I-pad!

WherevhavecI gone wrong? All I know about HTML are the letters HTML. What have I missed?

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