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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day Poverty " Faces of the Forgotten"

Taken on Main Street in Vancouver on a rainy Thursday night. Just minutes away

scattered on the side streets the homeless carry their dead dreams anesthetized by drugs and alcohol.

Portions of this post are a repeat for blog action day.
These photos were taken by a friend who gathered and distributed coats to the homeless last winter. We need to step up our awareness on an everyday basis because things seem to be getting worse. Simple everyday gestures of kindness are so important when you don't have the ability to facilitate the big ones! Because Homelessness is on the rise!

Forgotten Faces

Forgotten faces fermenting in the fungus of bureaucracy

Fastened to a life of uncertainty, clinging to a vine of scorn

Stiffened to the elements, mentally maimed, some void of faculties

Flailing in a marsh of intolerance, disgust and misunderstanding

Physically coagulating in the Vancouver east side, scavenging for food and a fix

Heard by few, ignored by most, disintegrating amongst the vermin

The most impoverished vacillating between endurance, inebriation, and insanity

Starved of rights and freedoms, clothing and shelter, voiceless,

They defecate in the streets, a fitting metaphor for how they’re perceived!

Needed are more facilities for the mentally ill!

More affordable housing, and shelters.
Higher minimum wage for the working poor.
More abundant and affordable rehabilitation facilities
Full support for the four pillar system. Prevention, Treatment, harm reduction, enforcement
Always share your sandwich, hand off a piece of fruit or buy someone a coffee and a muffin!
And remember each and every face has a story and a name! Do just one simple thing every week, or everyday if you can! Be a Daymaker, and make a difference!

All photos accredited to Richard Wiebe


Queen-Size funny bone said...

It saddens me. I'm glad there were no children.

forgetfulone said...

That is so sad. We do need more prevention, education, and safety.

I have a friend who used to carry a case of bottled water with her so she could hand it to anyone who was out on the street.

paisley said...

amazing photos... perfect poetry... this was a great post....

Mimi Lenox said...

This is sobering. What others have to suffer is mind-boggling. Thanks for reminding us to never forget them or cease to try to help them.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

geez, those poor people out in the rain, snow and cold...

Gemma said...

I know someone who
would rather live on the street than quit using.The thing he has going for him is good weather here.
Our homeless population grows in the winter.

mgirl said...

Thanks for posting this Giggles, we do need awareness. It makes me so sad to walk the streets of Vancouver, my city only has a portion of the homelessness Van has. If everyone could just do a little bit to help.

Lucy said...

this is too sad Sherrie.
thanks for the reminder to be kinder.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

i took part in this as well and did homelessness photos; yours are amazing. micky mouse on the street corner; a snake like scarf. wonderful photos of a sad situation which will hopefully turn around soon

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