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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scribble Soup Black

Taken on November 8th through a drizzled car window on my drive home.

I found this new site through Lilly, Scribble soup for writers block.

I really enjoyed this exercise, I hope you do too!

#17: Black is back

What rhymes with black? In two minutes write down as many words that you can think of that rhymes with black. Now in 8 minutes write a paragraph using those words.

Black attack smack wrack crack stack plaque

Jack Sack hack lack pack back flack lack Mack knack

rack track whack yak quack

Black is gone

Jack’s black mood

Hovered like plaque

On a decaying tooth

She wished he’d just pack

A sack and be done with it

Tired of all his flack

She wished him gone

The whack to the face

Was the final attack

The switch clicked to off

The marriage was void

She had a stack of reasons

Why it was over

That last smack solidified it all

Her knack to rectify past indifference

Had been squandered for years

On a quack who barely gave a damn

She continued to lay the delicates

On a rack to dry

Much like her life

The essentials were riddled

With life stains

Wracked with disrespect

Tired of the lack

She’d hack into her courage

Turn her back, look for a new Mack

A friend, a lover, a man who

Knew how to giggle and yak!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Good job Giggles...as usual.

Lilly said...

Highly entertaining piece.

Mary Timme said...

Wow! What an excellent and fun job!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

yeah baby, GIGGLE AND YAK!

Patois said...

That is fabulous. I must check out that link.

Scrambled Butterfly said...

You are so creative. Must try this one myself.

Tammy said...

Well look at that! Well done, you. It looked like a lot of fun too.


gel said...

Cool exercise and I like your poem a lot! It's very creative. I'm going to try this (but not post it).

forgetfulone said...

I love that type prompt! I may give it a go soon. And that picture is gorgeous. I love the drizzling rain.

Your poem turned out so great! I guess I can identify as I am in a "black" mood right now. You did a terrific job!

Lucy said...

NO WAy!! did u really do that in 8 min's?
YOU are amazingly creative!! although that topic always breaks my heart and makes me want to fly north and break Jacks F*&ing Head... This was SO fantastic Baby!
I am going now to check out her site.
Love to you and the biggest hugs! xox

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