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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Number meme

10 - 9- 8 - 7 - 6.....
I saw this meme at Mimi’s. I love saying Meme and Mimi’s, please join me in doing it too, I think it’s a good one!
TEN things you wish you could say to TEN different people right now!

01.I sound like a nag because finding your bliss will give you the deep internal satisfaction I have. I promise it’s the key to happiness!

02. What is wrong with you, why can’t you do the noble thing!!!
03. Yes I know I’m fat, what’s it to you? It’s what I am, not who I am!

Look a little deeper you may see find the complexities I rarely share!
04. Quit whining, I hate whining!
05.Why do you have to be such a jerk? You’re wasting time; you could have so much fun together!

06.What you think of me is none of my business….personally I don’t care either!
07. Just be nice….you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!

08.Hey baby play that Britney song for me, can I sit on your knee while you do?

09.I really love you, but you sure can make me angry, and that’s a feat!

10. Quit making assumptions about me, they’re mostly wrong anyway.

Nine things about yourself

(Don't you know enough already??!) I'll try to think of new things....but they might be risque

01 I had my appendix out when I was eight, it burst and I almost died, I have a gigantic scar from the exploratory.

02. I won first place in grade three royal conservatory of music during expo 67 I played piano for years, rarely touch it now!

03. I like beets with beet juice or vinegar on my cottage cheese….

04. I am introspective and crave solitude it’s the same as Mimis, but it’s so true! I think it could be said of many creative souls.

05.My mind never stops yet my body is very slow going and needs to nap. 06.I don’t like multicolored Christmas lights.

07.I turn off the news when ever I hear of animals or children being tortured and I can’t watch any gory parts on television shows….I have to close my eyes until I know it’s safe to look.But needing to stay informed I will listen and watch with interest a history or news event about global atrocities. I'm still trying to understand my personal hypocrisy. 08. I’ve saved love letters from old boyfriends, often wonder what happened to a few of them. Even when I’m waiting in the car

09.I am either writing, drawing or crocheting….I am rarely bored.

Eight ways to win your heart...psst I cheated on #7

01. Giggle with me
02. Be kind to everyone, especially me
03. Love animals
04. Treat me equal and be a great kisser
05. Have a belly…and a brain! Just kidding about the belly but I do like it!
06. Make me laugh with your amazing sense of humor
07. Be thoughtful, respect my time, my creativity and those I love
07a. Have many common interest and a few of your own
07b. Don’t always agree with me! Dare to be different!
07c. Have nice hands and mouth,,,,hit the road if you have gnarly toes!
08. Must play scrabble and love words!

SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:

01. I really want a game of scrabble…wonder if I’ll get a good one today
02. I need to do this and that and this and that I should do this and that, Where did the time go?

03. Hmmm should I pick the kids up? Wonder how much coffee is left…what should I make for dinner…damn I hate thinking about what to make…why can’t I think of anything….I used to be such a diligent homemaker….my dinners are boring now! Oh good they’re going out I don’t have to make dinner.
04 I am so lucky, and grateful, wow look at those lights, wow they really love me, gosh I’m grateful….wow look what they did for me. Wow….I am so lucky, I should make them something special….I think I’ll do this for them or that! Gosh I am so messy when I create….I’m not putting it away until I’m done…Gee my knee feels good today....yea!!!
05Wonder how they are? I need to pray for her, and her, and her and him, and her!
06 I wonder if I can get this or that done in time……eeks my knee is sore….I need a more routine sleep …I need to take my calcium, and magnesium…darn it I forgot again, I need to go downstairs again…..damn my I am wobbly today.Pretty superficial...but really there are more thoughts in there.....way more...too many!!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Thanks for letting us get to know you b etter. wow I'm with you with the gnarly toes..bye bye

Tammy said...

I had my brother over for four days and I missed 6 of your posts. Yikes! I loved the cookies and purses you updated. I found this meme fascinating and learned even more about you. You have a thing about toes? LOL Loved these and you!

gemma said...

Hi...guess we all have overactive monkey brains...Wish my thoughts and vibrations were more positive
usually I catch it after thinking "Gawd your a mess"!
Have a great weekend
love ya sista!

Lisa said...

These were fun!

gel said...

Hi- I adore reading these memes more than doing them. I guess it's the natural curiosity instinct. I can't remember which number is which but "things about yourself", yes, I'm introspective (surprise, huh! LOL), I don't like muliti-colored Xmas lights, I also turn off the news or don't read about it in the papers either but that includes global atrocities. I become so frustrated that I can't do more to help people so I choose when to volunteer and which charities to support. I also have saved old love letters ...and journals...poetry... bits of my life in a memory box and it's in the hopes that family or friends someday will find them interesting and learn a bit more about me. I admit it's also because I'm nostalgic and memories are PRECIOUS to me. You know that song "Precious and Few?"

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